Belgian-Cuban project wins prize “Digital for Development”

Belgian-Cuban project wins prize “Digital for Development”

HAVANA, Oct. 7th . -Digital application Wise Pocket, developed by the Cuban University of Oriente and the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels, won the prize “Digital for Development” for the most promising innovative idea in the “IStartup” category.

According to diplomatic sources, the awarded project received the prize from the Belgian deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Cooperation for Development, Alexander De Croo, who recognized the originality of the Cuban-Belgian project.

When handing the award, he also praised the interaction of the new technologies with other spheres of economic and social life and the easy access of this application to cell phones, with which campaigns of medical attention are more effective and quantify its efficiency and social impact.

In representation to the work group, the specialist Dionis Lopez explained that the project proposes a mobile integrated application that serves as development platform for the ministries of Public Health and organizations of that sector.

It allows monitoring health behaviors in vulnerable populations, it offers medical methodologies to health technicians not familiarized with specific illnesses, it helps to consolidate useful data in diagnostics and facilitates decision making.Belgian-Cuban project wins prize “Digital for Development”

He also stressed its easy accessibility as it can be obtained offline (without connection), giving a great advantage for territories without Internet connection. The prize “Digital for Development” is organized every two years by the Royal Museum of Central Africa, with the sponsorship of the General Direction of Cooperation for Development and Humanitarian Aid of the Belgian federal government.

For the first time in this edition was presented a Cuban project as nominated to the prize, aimed at recognizing the most advanced initiatives that use digitalization and the new technologies as a tool for development and the achievement of the Objectives for Sustainable Development.

According to the diplomatic communiqué, the reward to the Cuban-Belgian project is a recognition to cooperation between universities, that is developed between both countries, and especially, between the Universidad de Oriente and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel , as well as then development achieved in that specialty by the Cuban institution.
(Taken from Prensa Latina)