Baracoa is flooded after heavy rains in just 24 hours

Baracoa is flooded after heavy rains in just 24 hours

HAVANA, May 1st. The city of Baracoa, in eastern Cuba, was affected by a severe weather event that left more than 170 millimeters of rain in just 24 hours and caused severe flooding in that territory.According to the information provided by the Periódico Venceremos on its Facebook profile, the rain continued for more than five hours, causing serious flooding in low-lying areas.

The state authorities in the area reported the flooding of the main rivers and the damage to the roofs of seven homes, one of them completely.

In addition, one of the facilities at the Gustavo Rizo airport suffered damage and the damage to agriculture is still being quantified.

Baracoa is flooded after heavy rains in just 24 hours


Testimonies on networks also indicated that the heavy rain generated a tense situation in the La Playa neighborhood, where its residents saw their homes flooded due to the large accumulation of water and drainage problems.

Radio Baracoa correspondent Pablo Gomero Machado noted online that the situation has kept the community “in suspense,” which now faces the task of recovering after the temporary cessation of the rains.

During the last 24 hours, Cuba experienced varied rains, as the Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) warned. Precipitation was more intense in the country’s center and east and more isolated in the west. The largest accumulation was recorded in the town of Jamal, in Guantánamo.

The INSMET note adds that these conditions were driven by a trough located between 4 and 6 kilometers high that, in combination with high levels of humidity, significant diurnal warming and low clouds blown by northeast winds towards the north coast, generated an environment conducive to storms.

In the early hours of this Wednesday, persistent cloudy weather was still evident in the north of Villa Clara, as well as areas of storms in the south of Granma, north of Las Tunas, Camagüey and Guantánamo.

The forecast for today indicates that it will be partly cloudy from the end of the morning throughout the country and it will become cloudy in the afternoon in the center and east, with some showers, rains and thunderstorms that will be more numerous in the eastern region, in the west the Rains will be isolated.