Backstreet Boys want to give a concert in Cuba

Backstreet Boys want to give concert in Cuba

HAVANA, Sept. 1th The American pop band Backstreet Boys announced this week in an interview offered to the IHeartRadio program its interest in offering a concert in Cuba.

Before the question of the presenter of the mentioned television program about the country in which they would be interested in offering a concert, the musicians quickly mentioned Cuba as their desired destination.

In 2002 two members of the Backstreet Boys visited Havana and stayed at the Hotel Nacional, where they hoped they would not be recognized. However, they did not say that their popularity among Cubans and their followers made them the center of attention of hundreds of people who gathered around the hotel facility to ask for photos and autographs.

During that visit they also confessed that they would like to offer a concert in Cuba, but it never came to fruition; although they thanked the reception offered by their fans in the greater of the Antilles.

The Backstreet Boys were a pop icon band in the 1990s at the planetary level. They formed as a group in 1990 in Orlando, Florida, and debuted discographically in 1996 with a self-titled album, which ended up becoming a mass phenomenon.

His remembered album Millennium (1999) was the one that catapulted them definitively into the glory “popera” and then published phonograms such as Never Gone (2005), Unbreakable (2007), This Is Us (2009).

After a period of silence and ruptures among its members, in which they were not up to the fame they had achieved in the beginning, the boy band – which has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – published this year his first album since 2013 called DNA.

To defend the material they have embarked on a world tour with which they have broken several records in the sale of tickets and have revived from the ashes the popularity with which they made millions of people around the world cry until the ecstasy.

Based on the new restrictions against Cuba promoted by the government of Donald Trump, it is very unlikely that they will fulfill their desire to reach the island in the near future, but the intention is on the agenda and perhaps, at some point, they can bring it to reality.