Bacardi launches a limited edition of Havana Club rum in the US

Bacardi launches a limited edition of Havana Club rum in the US

HAVANA, Oct. 5th The Bacardí group launched a limited edition of Havana Club rum with a reproduction of the 1934 label and the same alcohol content as back then (43 proof).

The senior director of the Havana Club brand for Bacardí, Mayra Barros, told the EFE news agency that with the launch of the new product “we celebrate the heritage and legacy of Arechabala.

In addition, Ella Barros described this new edition as “the rum of the Cuban exile” and reported that the first edition of 36,000 bottles is being produced in Puerto Rico.

Havana Club was created by the Spaniard José Arechabala in 1934 and nationalized in 1960 after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The Bacardi group sells the well-known brand of rum in the US and outside that territory, the rights to it belong to the French company Pernod Ricard, which signed an agreement with Cuba’s Havana Club and won permission to use the name.

Bacardí, for its part, also tried to recover the rights but did not obtain them.

Last June, the heirs of Havana Club filed another lawsuit in a Florida court against Pernod Ricard, which in partnership with the island government manufactures Havana Club International.

The lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Kathleen William, of a court in the Southern District of Florida, who did not go into the merits of the matter and alleged “lack of jurisdiction.”

The Bacardi group invoked Title III of the Helms Burton Act of 1996 to accuse the French Pernod Ricard of usufructing assets that were confiscated in Cuba.