Authorities to ask Cubans to have more sex to increase birth rates

Survey confirms low birth rate in Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 30th  “The formula is simple: Cuba needs more children, and the only way more children can be born is for Cubans to have more sexual intercourse,”a specialist of a campaign that will be launched in 2020 told OnCuba.

The Cuban authorities will launch a campaign in 2020 in which they will ask Cubans to have more sexual intercourse to increase the depressed birth rate on the island. The campaign, which will not be too subtle, will have the slogan “More love, more children,” after the use of the word “sex” was banned from the propaganda, a source that preferred to remain anonymous.

According to the source, who is part of the commission of experts formed to develop and launch the campaign, it is a “necessary step” to encourage births, which in recent years have visibly decreased in Cuba, while population aging has set off the government’s alarms due to its economic and social implications.

“The formula is simple: Cuba needs more children, and the only way in which fertility and birth rates can increase is for Cubans to have more sexual intercourse,” said the specialist, who told us that the Cuban authorities finally decided to apply this “somewhat drastic” measure after other campaigns and policies “have not had the expected effects.”

In 2018, the gross birth rate per thousand inhabitants was only 10.4, while the annual growth rate of the island’s population was negative for the second consecutive year, which means that the number of Cubans decreased. Meanwhile, projections indicate that the number of persons over 60 will continue to increase and will exceed one-third of the total of Cubans in 2050.

The new campaign was devised to reverse this situation and will be launched nationally on July 11, World Population Day. It will include radio and television spots, gigantographies and other graphic media, which will seek to persuade Cubans to have more sex, following the results of a recent scientific investigation, the source said.

This study is the result of joint work between French and German universities that shows that the birth rate grows exponentially as the frequency of sexual intercourse increases. Couples with more children are the ones who have more sex, the researchers say, according to which “doing it” about five times a week is the “optimal” amount to have more than two children.

The source revealed that Cuban research, commissioned by the Center for Demographic Studies (CEDEM) of the University of Havana, is already underway to know the current frequency of intercourse among Cuban couples, based on the suspicion that “it has gradually decreased in the last decades.”

The study, “based on fieldwork on a representative sample,” should be completed in the first quarter of 2020 and will allow concentrating campaign actions in specific regions and groups.

In addition, the source advanced that the aim is to involve the CDRs and other mass organizations so that they carry out their own promotional campaign―which could be called, he said, “Cinco y Pa’lante” (Five and More)―and that the incentives are being studied for “outstanding couples,” such as a stipend or days off in the week to “accomplish their mission.”

With information from OnCubanews