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Cuba’s informal market finds new space on internet

HAVANA, Nov. 27th  (AP)  In the Telegram group chat, the messages roll in like waves. “I need liquid ibuprofen and acetaminophen, please,” wrote one user. “It’s urgent, it’s for my 10-month-old baby.” Others offer medicine brought from outside of Cuba, adding, “Write to me in a direct message.” Emoji-speckled lists offer antibiotics, pregnancy tests, vitamins, […]

Investment by Cubans residing abroad

HAVANA, Nov. 27th The new Portfolio of Business Opportunities in Cuba, presented during the recently concluded 38th Havana International Trade Fair (FIHAV), contains 30 more projects than its previous version.

Cuba now has a 90 day tourist visa

HAVANA, Nov. 21st. There’s never been a better time to explore Cuba’s natural wonders. To encourage more tourists to visit the Caribbean island and stay for longer, the country has extended its tourism visa to 90 days.

Cuba’s underwater tourism bet on swimming with bull sharks

HAVANA, Nov. 20th The shark turns and swims directly at me. There is only open water between us, no cage to protect against the approaching bull shark, the species considered by many scientists to be the most aggressive in the world. I am beginning to have second thoughts about this assignment. Before we entered the […]