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Marina industry group plans trip to Cuba

Patrick Hemingway, grandson of the late U.S. author Ernest Hemingway, waves from a yacht at the Marina Hemingway in Havana Sept. 8. Hemingway’s grandsons Patrick and John are in Cuba to mark the 60th anniversary of his Nobel Prize in Literature. HAVANA, 7 October  (ENRIQUE DE LA OSA / REUTERS)  Richard Graves dreams of the […]

Havana under the top 10 healthiest city in the world

HAVANA, 6 October (By Matt Sloane CNN)  It may seem unlikely, but Havana, is one of the healthiest cities on the planet. Yes, much of the country is in abject poverty, and the trade embargo by the United States has kept some of the best medical technologies out of health care workers’ hands. But a […]

Rising divorce in Cuba

HAVANA, 4 October   A total of 32,848 couples in Cuba divorced during 2013, an increase of 843 over the previous year, the National Bureau of Statistics and Information, or ONEI, said. ONEI’s Annual report detailed that 10,689 of those couples had remained married 15 years or more, while 6,260 marriages lasted between three and […]

Etecsa limits activation of new mobile lines

HAVANA, 4 October  Cuba’s state-owned telecommunications operator Etecsa is limiting the activation of new mobile phone lines in the provinces of Havana and Holguin, reports AIN. The operator has not provided any explanation for these limitations. One of the possible explanations is the recent activation of e-mail access from mobile phones by Cubacel, which boosted […]

Carlos Acosta representative of british TV Program

Havana, October3  Carlos Acosta will be the ambassador of a dance program dedicated to ballet and dance in general, informed on Thursday the British public television network BBC. This media outlet and the Sadler’s Wells Theater of London organize the 2015 Young Dancer Contest to select the best 16 to 20 year-old dancer in four […]

Cubana to Resume Flight Service to Costa Rica

HAVANA, 2 October (by Narayan Ammachchi) Cuba will soon begin offering direct flights to Costa Rica, as the Caribbean country intensifies its efforts to bolster its tourism sector in the face of the ongoing U.S. embargo. Cubana de Aviación, the nation’s top airliner, says it will begin running flights to Costa Rica from November 16.Cubana had […]

Fito Paez in Concert in Havana

Havana, Oct 1  Popular Argentinean singer-songwriter Fito Paez will offer a concert on Wednesday at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater, as part of the special programming of the 6th Leo Brouwer Chamber Music Festival. Absent from Cuban stages since 2012, the interpreter returns now to perform some of his songs and some by Cuban troubadours Silvio […]

Havana’s Marabana headed for record number

HAVANA, Oct. 2  With a month and half to go before Havana hosts its annual marathon, known as the Marabana, some 370 runners from 39 countries have already registered to compete, the Cuban News Agency (ACN) reported Wednesday. If the trend holds, Cuba could see a record number of international runners take part in the […]

Havana rejects plans for first mosque

HAVANA, 2 October Cuba’s government has turned down a plan to open a mosque in the capital Cuba. Pedro Lazo Torres, the leader of Havana’s Muslim community, revealed that his joint efforts with Turkey’s Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV) to open a mosque in Havana was rejected. Torres expressed his dismay at the decision, noting that […]

New details of currency unification announced

HAVANA, 1 October (Ramon Espinosa AP) Cuba’s central bank chief is giving new details about the elimination of a special currency, saying that the shift will require putting more pesos into circulation and issuing higher-denomination bills. Elimination of the stronger currency is one of the toughest challenges facing Cuba’s struggling socialist economy, forcing officials to eliminate […]

Private secondary schools emerging in Havana

HAVANA, 1 October (HT Dmitri Prieto)  A brochure handed out in Havana’s neighborhood of Vedado offers a “package” of refresher courses for high-school students. Parents are invited to pay between 5 CUC (Math only) and 15 CUC (Math, Spanish, Physics and Chemistry) a month to ensure their “son or daughter becomes a university student”, calling […]

Intern. conference on medical education starts in Havana

HAVANA , Sep 30 (acn)  Some 400 delegates and guests, half of them Cubans, will meet today in this city to discuss the role of universities in the health of population. Renowned personalities of medical education and public health of the United States, Great Britain, Angola , Mexico, Venezuela , El Salvador, Belgium, and other […]

Pancho Cespedes makes his return to Cuba

Havana, September 28 (EFE)  Singer and songwriter Francisco “Pancho” Cespedes, who has not taken the stage in Cuba for more than two decades, once again performed live for fans in his native land with a feeling of “indescribable emotion” and with the view that “life is opening up” on the island. “I don’t make concessions […]

15-year prison sentence for canadian businessman in Cuba

HAVANA, 28 September  (Michael Weissenstein AP)  A Canadian automobile executive has been sentenced to 15 years in Cuban prison on corruption-related charges that officials here call part of a broad campaign against graft, his company said Saturday. Ontario-based Tokmakjian Group said the charges against its president, Cy Tokmakjian, 74, were concocted as an excuse to […]

Officials punished for Chavez and Che perfume

Havana, September 27   Cuba will punish officials with the Biological Laboratories Entrepreneurial Group Labiofam after they launched two perfumes in presumed homage to Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara and Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez. “This serious mistake will lead to correspondent disciplinary measures, reads a statement by the Executive Committee of the Cuban Council […]

Cuba begins to unite private tourism enterprise

HAVANA, 27 September  Cuba’s state-run tourism industry is increasingly doing business with the country’s new class of private entrepreneurs, trying to improve quality of food and lodging while maintaining a grip on the sector’s biggest sources of foreign exchange. One of the country’s highest tourism officials provided new details on the initiative in an interview […]

2014 Latin Grammies nominate cuban artists

HAVANA, September 26 Cuban artists Descemer Bueno, Eliades Ochoa, Pablo Milanes and the popular group Gente D Zona were nominated on Wednesday by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to opt for different awards in the 15th edition of its Grammy Prizes. Composed by Descemer Bueno and interpreted by Gente D Zona and […]

Castro names reform official as economy minister

HAVANA, Sept 26  (Reuters)  Cuban President Raul Castro granted more authority to the man who has led the campaign to modernize Cuba’s socialist economy, naming Marino Murillo as economy and planning minister on Thursday, the government said. Former Economy Minister Adel Yzquierdo, 69, was demoted from minister to deputy minister but will retain his position […]

Cuba expects 200 cruise ships in the upcoming season

HAVANA, September 25  Cuba expects the visits of 200 cruise ships in the upcoming winter season, the largest number of calls by those boats ever, according to a Tourism official cited by specialized media. The visits by tourist and academic boats are expected to surpassed their record in 2013, when the island received nearly 200 […]

Old Havana is being repaired

HAVANA, 25 September  (Havana Times Elvira Pardo Cruz)  Many are the obstacles we must dodge as we head for work or go out for a stroll around the city. One sees men wearing helmets and overalls in hectic movement, oblivious to the hot tropical sun and what day of the week it is. Their minds […]

‘Eau de Revolution’ honor Che & Chavez

HAVANA, 25 September (AP ANDREA RODRIGUEZ)  Call it “Eau de Revolution” Cuba’s biggest producer of natural products has come up with a pair of colognes for the discerning supporter of international socialism who wants something more than just the iconic “Che” T-shirt.  Formulated by a French company and produced in Cuba, the colognes are being […]

BNC participate in 20th International Ballet Gala in Germany

HAVANA, September 24  (acn)  Cuba’s National Ballet Company (BNC), directed by Alicia Alonso, will be present with prima ballerina Yanela Piñera and leading dancer Camilo Ramos at the 20th International Gala of Ballet to be held on September 27 and 28 at the Grand Opera House of the German city of Dortmund. The Cuban dancers […]

Refurbishment of the National Capitol Building

HAVANA, 24 September  The National Capitol building is a symbol of the city and one of the Cuban big buildings. Moreover, Italian marbles  were used for its construction. Its walls, roofs and lamps were mainly made in France. The emblematic building is regarded as a National Monument since 2010. Today, that huge building is being […]

Exhibitions, Conversations, Conferences ans Action in Havana

And Brujas, pero también brujos, tooTomorrow September 24, at 6 p.m., Sandra Ceballos launched her latest exhibition, Brujas, pero tambíen brujos (Female Witches, but also Male) at Línea 106 gallery. A project of Aglutinador-Brücke, the Museo de Arte Maniaco (Museum of Manic Art, or MAM), and Línea 106, the group show features work by close […]

Cuba participate in the 36th edition of Top Resa in Paris

HAVANA, September 22 (acn) Cuba, interested in strengthening the French market as one of its main tourists sources, will participate tomorrow in the 36th edition of Top Resa, a fair renowned for promoting tourism in Europe, to be held in Paris. According to statement from the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR by its Spanish acronym), the […]

Labiofam holds International Congress

HAVANA, September 22  Experts from over 20 countries of the world are gathering at Havana’s Conventions Center on Monday for the 2014 International Congress of Cuba’s Labiofam Entrepreneurial Group, which will present its most recent experiences in the production of pharmaceuticals for humans and veterinary use. The congress includes lectures and debates on the use […]

Cuba will privatize 9000 Restaurants

HAVANA, 20 Sepember ( AFP) The Cuban government announced plans on Friday (Sep 19) to sell nearly 9,000 state-owned restaurants to private operators, the latest step in the island’s economic reforms. Cubans frequently complain about the country’s 8,984 state-owned restaurants, which are famous for poor quality, bad service and running out of food. Deputy Trade […]

Latin American Congress on Food Science and Technology Starts in Havana

HAVANA, 16 September   The 6th Congress of Latin America and the Caribbean on food science and technology is taking place in Havana, the Cuban capital, from Monday to Friday September 22. Researchers, cooks, artists, cinema directors and gastronomy journalists will attend this event organized by several institutions, including the Association for Science and Technology […]