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Nod to Churchill at Cuban cigar festival

Havana, 21 Feb.   (AFP) – Cigar aficionados will pay tribute to Winston Churchill in Havana Monday as the world’s largest Cuban cigar festival opens with a nod to the late leader’s favorite brand of cheroot. The 17th Habanos festival will honor Churchill’s beloved “Romeo and Juliet” cigars at the opening of the five-day event […]

Canada businessman home after released

HAVANA,21 Feb. (AP) — A Canadian automobile executive imprisoned in Cuba on corruption charges for more than three years was released Saturday after Cuba’s government ended a case that it called a demonstration of the fight against bribery and critics said was a warning against doing business here. Cy Tokmakijian’s case was seen by some […]

Creation of aviation hub in Havana is possible

HAVANA, 22 Feb. (Sputnik) The creation of a transcontinental aviation hub in Havana is an interesting prospect, but will only be possible after the economic embargo on the country is lifted, the CEO of Mexican carrier Interjet said Tuesday. “It’s only a dream now, first of all, the problem with lifting the economic embargo in […]

Crowdfunding takes off in Cuba

HAVANA, 22 Feb.  While some are using the Internet to hack into personal information, others use it to support their dreams. Crowdfunding has reached the island of Cuba. Now the rest of the world can invest in emerging Cuban artists. Cuban rumba beats like “guaguanc” and the Afro-Cuban sounds of the Bat drum mixed in […]

The tourist rush to Cuba is about to begin

The rooftop pool at the Iberostar Parque Central hotel in Havana America is ready for Cuba. Are Cuban hotels ready for Americans? HAVANA, Feb 21 Imagine booking a $4,000 weeklong vacation to an -exotic locale near the ocean. Now imagine that when you get there, your room has no hand towels, the air conditioning is […]

Budget, conseils pour un voyage à Cuba

LA HAVANE, 21 Feb. On ne revient jamais vraiment d’un voyage à Cuba. Pays coincé dans le temps, entre 30 et 40 ans en arrière, on ne peut être que dépaysé en arrivant sur l’île. Pourtant, la vie sur place coûte plus cher que ce qu’on pourrait s’imaginer de ce pays où de vieilles américaines […]

IDT Corp to provide long distance call’s between U.S. and Cuba

HAVANA, Feb 20  (Reuters) – U.S.-based telecom company IDT Corp has reached an agreement with Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA), Cuba’s national telecom provider, to provide international long distance telephony between the United States and Cuba directly. The company said that the agreement was filed today with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and […]

La fin de l’exception culturelle cubaine ?

LA HAVANE, 20 Feb. Des critiques et experts de l’art contemporain cubain s’interrogent sur l’avenir de l’art dans l’île. Le rapprochement entre la Havane et Washington ne risque-t-il pas de lui faire perdre son identité ? “L’art cubain sera-t-il un vecteur de conciliation ?” C’est la question que se pose le critique d’art cubain Píter […]

Cuba is teeming with talent, but its film industry needs reforms

HAVANA, 19 Feb.(Paul Duran) Since President Obama eased tensions with Cuba late last year, the film community in the island nation has been optimistic, if cautiously so, about striking new relationships with its counterpart in Hollywood, and hopeful it can reform the Cuban film industry to compete on the world stage. “Many (American) directors have […]

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons is coming to Havana

HAVANA, 19 Feb. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons is going to Cuba this June to play a jazz summit. And even he doesn’t know why. “How did my name get on a jazz roster? I’m a blues and rock & roll player,” Gibbons tells Rolling Stone. “But I’m not going to look a gift horse in […]

Cuba temporarily cuts price of internet access

HAVANA, 19 Feb. (AP) Cuba has temporarily reduced the hourly charge for using state-run Internet cafes in the country’s first small but substantive public move to increase online access since the declaration of detente with the U.S. President Barack Obama said late last year that Cuba had promised to increase Internet access, although U.S. and […]

New express bus tested in Havana

HAVANA, 19 Feb. The Cuban Ministry of Transportation’s Trans-Metro company has been operating a new articulated bus to improve the Santiago de las Vegas – Vedado service in Havana since December 22 of last year. This novel express metro-bus operates Monday to Friday during rush hours, making a total of 17 stops, from the town […]

Fort Lauderdale company will start a ferry service to Havana

HAVANA, 18 Feb. With travel restrictions to Cuba eased since last year, a Fort Lauderdale-based company is looking to start a ferry service from the Marathon City Marina to Havana,by the end of the year. Catamaran broker Brian Hall, owner of KonaCat, said he’s confident he can get clearance for his 200-passenger catamaran to travel […]

Pelosi traveling with lawmakers to Havana

HAVANA, 18 Feb. (Reuters) – U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is traveling to Cuba on Tuesday with a delegation of congressional Democrats, Pelosi’s office announced. Late last year, President Barack Obama moved toward normal relations with Cuba and some members of Congress favor further relaxation of trade and travel restrictions with the […]

A pink tank in a Havana garden

HAVANA, 17 Feb. (Café Fuerte)  With his own, personal infantry tank, Jesus Leiva is most probably the only Cuban civilian who owns a war machine in Cuba. If we add that he keeps it parked outside his house, letting troops of children climb its belts, hang from its 75-mm cannon and enter and exit the […]

Conan O’Brien takes show to Havana

HAVANA, 17 Feb. (CNN) Conan O’Brien and his late-night show are no stranger to road trips, but this time it looks like he’s pulled off a major one: filming in Havana. O’Brien spent the past weekend with his crew filming the March 4 episode of his TBS show in Havana, Cuba. It marks the first […]

Cuba : une souche du VIH agressive ?

Les spécialistes du sida craignent l’apparition d’une nouvelle souche du VIH plus virulente.LA HAVANE, 16 Feb. Des chercheurs de l’Université catholique de Louvain (Belgique) et de l’Institut de Médecine Tropicale Pedro Kouri de La Havane ont mis au jour une nouvelle souche du VIH plus virulente. Selon leurs recherches, celle-ci développerait le sida beaucoup plus […]

New aggressive HIV strain discovered in Cuba

HAVANA, 16 Feb.  Moving so fast that the use of retroviruses may be of little use, an aggressive form of HIV has been found in Cuba with the virus progressing to AIDS within just three years. Alarmed by the speed at which some HIV patients were developing AIDS, officials in Cuba reached out to Professor […]

A new cruise to Havana

HAVANA, 15 Feb. Under newly relaxed regulations governing travel to Cuba, Cuba Cruise is offering Americans seven-night trips that circumnavigate the island. In the past, American passengers had to book lengthier land-and-sea itineraries with a sanctioned American tour operator. Now securing passage aboard the 1,200-passenger Louis Cristal involves reserving the trip with Cuba Cruise, a […]

U.S. eases restrictions on imports from private Cubans

HAVANA, 13 Feb.  (Reuters) – The United States on Friday dramatically eased restrictions on imports of goods and services from private Cuban entrepreneurs as part of Washington’s rapprochement with Havana after more than half a century of enmity. The U.S. State Department said the import of all goods and services was now permissible except in […]

Letter from Hemingway’s widow solved Finca Vigía mystery

HAVANA, 13 Feb. The mystery of whether Ernest Hemingway’s widow volunteered or was coerced into leaving their Cuban house to the nation has come a step closer to being solved, with the discovery of a letter in which she states that her late husband “would be pleased” that Finca Vigía be “given to the people […]

Cuba moves into new luxury purebred horses niche

In this Jan. 31, 2015 photo, a horse trainer braids the main of the horse he’s been training, before the start of an auction at the National Equestrian Club in Lenin Park on the outskirts of Havana, Cuba. Cuba splits proceeds from the auction with a Dutch equine company and uses much of its share […]

JetBlue adds additional Havana flight’s

HAVANA, 12 FEb.  JetBlue Airways  the largest airline to the Caribbean, today announced an agreement with its partner, ABC Charters, to add a new charter flight to Cuba beginning this summer. The weekly flight, which begins on June 5, will operate on Fridays from Tampa (TPA) to Havana (HAV). JetBlue will have the most flights […]

Charter flights to Havana sky high

HAVANA, 12 Feb. It’s been a busy few weeks for the half-dozen or so companies licensed to charter flights between the United States and Cuba. In December, President Barack Obama announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, and the easing of travel and trade restrictions started in mid-January. “We have just been inundated,” says […]

Tournée cubaine pour le groupe américain The Dead Daisies

LA HAVANE, 12 Feb. (AFP)  Le groupe de rock américain The Dead Daisies, composé en partie d’anciens membres de Guns’n’Roses, partira en tournée à Cuba ce mois-ci, le premier concert d’un groupe américain depuis 2005. Les musiciens ont notamment prévu une semaine d’enregistrement en studio avec des artistes locaux. En clôture, le groupe se produira […]

Turkey President Visits Havana

HAVANA, 11 Feb.  Step by step, Turkey is showing its strong interest in the Caribbean region. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Havana Tuesday for the beginning of an official visit to Cuba. The trip is slated to include meetings with Cuban President Raul Castro and other Cuban officials. Erdogan’s trip is part of a […]

Agent immobilier, un nouveau métier à la Havane

La Havane, 11. Feb.  Depuis 2011, les Cubains peuvent vendre et acheter des maisons et autres immeubles, alors qu’il était seulement possible de les troquer jusque-là. Un changement qui s’inscrit dans les bouleversements économiques que vit l’île depuis quelques années.Cette photo montre une maison à vendre – et à restaurer -, dans la vieille Havane. […]

Netflix disponible à Cuba

LA HAVANE, 10 Feb. Lundi, le site américain de vidéo en ligne a ouvert son service à Cuba. Mais cette arrivée sur l’île est avant tout symbolique au regard du nombre d’habitants qui pourront y accéder… Alors que leurs relations diplomatiques étaient rompues depuis 1961, les États-Unis et Cuba ont décidé de les normaliser depuis […]

Havana’s tropicana nightclub excited about new US-Cuba relations

HAVANA, Feb 10 (EFE) The legendary Tropicana cabaret, with a 75-year-long history and a symbol of cuban music, is excited about the new era with the United States with a predicted increase in North American spectators among the international audience that attend the “Paradise Under the Stars” every night. “We are hopeful, let’s see how […]

‘House of Cards’ comes to Havana – Netflix expands to Cuba

HAVANA, 9 Feb.  Netflix Inc., the online video-subscription service, said it will offer movies and TV shows in Cuba starting at $7.99 a month as Internet access there improves and credit and debit cards become more widely available. Starting today, Cubans with broadband service and access to international payment methods will be able to stream […]