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Large bills begin to circulate in Cuba

HAVANA,February 2 (acn) The Cuban largest denomination bills, of 200, 500 and 1000 Cuban pesos began circulating on Sunday in the country, in order to facilitate transactions in that currency (CUP) in dollar stores (TRD) as announced by the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC). Backed by Resolution No. 4 of January 15, 2015, and published […]

Defaulted Cuban loans for frontier investors

HAVANA, 2 Feb.  The unexpected strengthening of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the US in December has increased the appeal of defaulted Cuban loans for frontier market investors. Kevin Daly, portfolio manager in the emerging market debt team at Aberdeen Asset Management, is considering buying Cuban loans in anticipation of further rapprochement between Cuba and […]

McDonald’s in Cuba – nightmare or progress ?

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are welcome in Cuba, says Fidel Castro’s son HAVANA, Feb.1 (Elsa Buchanan)  One of the sons of the revolutionary has welcomed two of America’s megabrands on its island, saying Cuba is ready to “take a break” in its socialism. A member of the Fidel Castro clan has welcomed two of America’s most […]

Havana host Ernest Hemingway marlin fishing tournament

HAVANA, Feb.1 (acn) The Ernest Hemingway International Marlin Fishing Tournament, which promises in its 65th edition to break records of attendance, will be held on May 25-30 in Havana. Carlos Garcia, president of the Business Group of Nautical Clubs and Marinas, Marlin S.A., recalled that, boosted in 1950 by the famous U.S. novelist, the Hemingway […]

Spanish Ballet at Havana’s Marti Theater

HAVANA,31 January (Elvira Pardo Cruz)  Since its re-opening in 2014, Havana’s Marti Theater has surprised us with artful and powerful performances. This time around, Cuba’s Spanish Ballet Company – a dance ensemble that will be celebrating 28 years of existence next April – was responsible for the performance we enjoyed. Resplandor de tacones (“Shining Heels”), […]

Odebrecht sees Cuban port expanding with better U.S. ties

HAVANA, 30 January (Reuters )  Cuba’s improved relations with the United States could lead to a more rapid expansion of the port upon which the country has staked much of its economic future, an executive whose company built the port said on Friday. Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht SA [ODBES.UL] completed the $800 million project at Mariel, […]

Chicago Dancers to Perform in Havana

Chicago’s Hedwig Dances company will present in Cuba Saturday, Jan. 31, the piece “Trade Winds” HAVANA, 30 January   (PL) This piece, by choreographers Susana Pous and Jan Bartoszek, will gather on stage dancers from the Windy City with stars of the local company DanzAbierta, at the capital’s National Theater. Musicalized by Eme Alfonso, James […]

The U.S. will not return Guantanamo Bay to Havana

U.S. has leased land on Guantanamo Bay since the 1903 Cuban–American Treaty HAVANA, 30 January (AFP) Despite the recent historic thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations, the White House said Thursday it had no plans to return Guantánamo Bay, the site of a significant U.S. naval base and military prison on the island-nation’s southeast coast. This announcement […]

Guantanamo ne sera pas restitué à La Havane

LA HAVANE, 29 Janvier  Les efforts pour renforcer les liens entre les Etats-Unis et Cuba n’iront pas jusqu’à la restitution par Washington du contrôle de la baie de Guantanamo, située au sud-est de l’île. «Le président pense réellement que la prison de la baie de Guantanamo doit être fermée», a déclaré Josh Earnest, porte-parole de […]

Kayak adds Cuba to Its travel search engine

HAVANA, 29 January  President Barack Obama’s decision earlier this month to ease restrictions on travel from the United States to Cuba has already increased demand from travelers, and travel websites are responding. Kayak, a travel search engine, announced on Thursday that it will now include Cuba hotel and flight information to its search results, a […]

Bipartisan Senate group introduces bill to end Cuba travel ban

HAVANA, 29 January  (AP)  A bipartisan group of senators has introduced legislation to end travel restrictions on Americans seeking to visit Cuba, saying it would help foster change in the island nation. Current law generally bans travel to Cuba, although there are numerous exceptions.  Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake said similar legislation to end the […]

‘Godfather II’explains why Dominicans worry over U.S.-Cuba ties

HAVANA, 29 January (Bloomberg Ezra Fieser) Why is the Dominican Republic worried about improving ties between the U.S. and Cuba? Just watch the movie “Godfather II.” The scenes of mafia don Michael Corleone driving through the streets of Havana on the eve of the Cuban revolution were shot in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. The […]

American Express plans to start operations in Cuba

HAVANA, 28 January The credit card company hopes to open for business in Cuba following the loosening of trade restrictions with that country. American Express  said it would launch operations in Cuba following President Barack Obama’s decision this month to ease sanctions against the communist-ruled island. MasterCard  said last week it would allow its cards […]

Fidel Castro sort de son silence et prend acte du rapprochement avec Washington

LA HAVANE, 27 Janvier (AFP Par Francisco JARA) L’ex-président cubain Fidel Castro a rompu un silence de plusieurs mois en approuvant implicitement dans une lettre le récent rapprochement avec les Etats-Unis, tout en réaffirmant sa méfiance à l’égard de son vieil ennemi. “Je n’ai pas confiance dans la politique des Etats-Unis, et je n’ai échangé […]

Brazilians Rush To Cuba Before It’s “Americanized”

HAVANA, 27 January (Marc Alves)  When Presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro announced the two countries would “normalize” relations between the two countries, most observers were quick to point out that this unexpected move would eventually benefit the Cuban economy by boosting the tourism industry, among other sectors. And according to Folha de S. Paulo, […]

Fidel Castro appears to lend support to Cuba talks with U.S.

HAVANA, 27 January (Reuters BY DANIEL TROTTA)  Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Monday appeared to lend his support to talks with the United States in his first comments about his longtime adversary since both countries agreed last month to restore diplomatic ties. But Castro stopped short of an enthusiastic endorsement of the rapprochement, announced […]

Havana triathlon brings Americans and Cubans together

HAVANA, Jan 26   Seizing on US-Cuba detente, Americans swam, biked and ran in a triathlon in Havana for the first time, and even heard their national anthem on the island. Jim Donaldson and Robert Plant wore “USA” logos on their clothes as they stood in the capital’s “anti-imperialist” esplanade, built by Fidel Castro in […]

Cuban tour operators jumping to meet new US demand

HAVANA, 26 January  Cuban tour operators are gearing up for an explosion of US travellers — adding a spate of tours focused on everything from architecture to art to gourmet food — following the recent detente between the two long-time Cold War rivals. Travel company InsightCuba, one of the top agencies specializing in visits to […]

U.S.-Cuba diplomatic thaw puts Mariel port back in spotlight

HAVANA, 25 January ,(By Tim Johnson) The deepwater port of Mariel, once the site of a massive exodus of refugees to the United States, may soon be the stage for a new chapter in Cuba’s history, one that flirts gently with global trade and free markets. A $1 billion project to modernize the port and […]

Cartes de crédit américaines bientôt à Cuba

LA HAVANE, 24 Janvier  Les cartes de crédit MasterCard émises aux Etats-Unis seront utilisables à Cuba à partir du mois de mars dans le cadre du rapprochement diplomatique entre la Havane et Washington, a annoncé le groupe américain. Dans un communiqué MasterCard a annoncé la levée prochaine du blocage des transactions réglées avec une carte […]

Art from Habana Vieja to the Bronx

HAVANA, 24 January  (By Christopher Smith) When President Barack Obama made the startling announcement in December of last year that the United States would begin the process of normalizing relations with the island nation of Cuba after decades of animosity & strict embargoes, the ripple effect could be felt on a global scale. With both […]

MasterCard to lift restrictions on credit cards on March 1

HAVANA, 24 January  MasterCard announced Friday it will begin handling U.S. credit card transactions in Cuba on March 1, making the credit card company the first to adjust to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s plan to lift a ban on doing business in Cuba. Allowing credit card transactions will make traveling in Cuba more convenient […]

Cuba-US take first step to normal relations

HAVANA, 23 January   By Isaac Risco (dpa) The governments of Cuba and the United States will meet again in the coming weeks to continue working on details for resuming diplomatic relations, the negotiators said today after a first round of talks in Havana. In their first encounter the diplomats were unable to establish a […]

Les conversations migratoires entre les États-Unis et Cuba se terminent à La Havane

LA HAVANE, 22 Janvier (RHC/agences)  Josefina Vidal, directrice générale des États-Unis au ministère cubain des affaires étrangères et le sous-secrétaire adjoint du Bureau pour les Questions de l’Hémisphère Occidental du Département d’État des États-Unis, Edward Alex Lee, ont reconnu que des progrès ont été faits dans plusieurs thèmes migratoires. Au cours d’une conférence de presse […]

Will Starbucks pop up all over Cuba ?

HAVANA, 22 January  Cuban officials sitting across the table from Americans in Havana this week are hoping to sort out the next steps in normalizing relations. That’s on the heels of President Obama’s request for the US Congress to lift the embargo on trade with Cuba. But even if that momentous step is taken, progress […]

Discussions constructives” entre responsables cubains et américains à La Havane

LA HAVANE, 22 Janvier (Euronews)  Des responsables américains et cubains se sont réunis à La Havane ce mercredi.Une première depuis 35 ans. Ces discussions concrétisent le rapprochement historique entre les Etats-Unis et l‘île communiste annoncé en décembre. Des discussions qualifiées de productives et constructives. Elles reprendront ce jeudi sur la question du rétablissement des relations […]

Havana talks start with promises by Obama

HAVANA, 21 January (AP) The highest-level U.S. delegation to Cuba in decades begins two days of negotiations with grand promises by President Barack Obama about change on the island and a somber warning from Cuba to abandon hopes of reforming the government. U.S. moves to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and loosen the five-decade trade […]

The Latest on Travel to Cuba

HAVANA, 21 January   Following the publication of new regulations for travel to Cuba on Jan. 16, Americans may travel there more easily than at any time in the past half-century. Travelers cannot just hop on a plane and go, though. As Michael Sykes, founder of Cuba Cultural Travel, put it, while there is now less […]