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Senators introduce bill seeking to lift U.S.-Cuba trade embargo

HAVANA, June 12  Three months after a group of Kansas agricultural officials visited Cuba to check out trade opportunities, U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican from the Sunflower state, has introduced legislation that would restore trade with Cuba. The bill, which Moran introduced with U.S. Senator Angus King, an Independent from Maine, seeks to pave […]

International Law event in Havana

 HAVANA, June 12  The VII School of Public International Law and the IX International Seminar-Workshop on International Humanitarian Law, opened today at the National Hotel of Cuba, brings together 180 lawyers from 13 countries in Havana. Doris Quintana Cruz, executive secretary of the Cuban Society of that specialty and event coordinator, told ACN that its […]

Western Union fuel private enterprise in Cuba

HAVANA, June 11 As the Cuban economy flirts with market-oriented changes, remittances from the United States have been helping fuel private enterprise on the island and at least one U.S. company is already encouraging that trend. Although U.S. investment is still prohibited in Cuba, with the exception of possible U.S. participation in projects to improve […]

Havana prepair’s new enterprise law

HAVANA, June 11   Cuba expects to unveil a new enterprise law in 2017, in keeping with economic reforms launched four years ago, the Cuban News Agency reported. The new legislation would “bring together the principles, characteristics and operational requirements of companies,” Grisel Trista Arbesu, an official with Cuba’s Permanent Commission for the Implementation and […]

Lawmakers want to break stalemate in Congress over Cuba trade embargo

HAVANA, June 11  With efforts to lift the Cuban embargo stalled in Congress, a pro-trade senator from Kansas will try to break the stalemate on Thursday by offering new legislation designed to win over his reluctant Republican colleagues. Republican Sen. Jerry Moran, along with co-sponsor Angus King, an independent senator from Maine, hope that taxpayer […]

First flight to Havana from Orlando leaves after delays

HAVANA, 10 June  Orlando International Airport’s first flight to Cuba took off Wednesday afternoon. But it wasn’t without some problems and delays for the passengers. The first charter plane to fly to Havana Cuba from OIA sat at the gate for hours. The airport said the Gulf Stream Air Charter did not order fuel for […]

Havana’s web entrepreneurs search for U.S. clients, and Wi-Fi

HAVANA, June 10  At his parents’ cramped house in Havana, Yondainer Gutiérrez builds apps and websites on a makeshift computer that runs on pirated software. He has no Internet access there, so he rents time on a friend’s connection to send his work to clients in France, Britain, Canada and the rest of Latin America. […]

Cuban author wins major Spanish prize for literature

HAVANA, June 10  (AP)  Acclaimed Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura has been awarded Spain’s Princess of Asturias award for literature. Havana-born Padura, 59, is best known for his quartet of detective novels featuring Mario Conde, a downtrodden police inspector solving crimes in the post-Soviet Union Cuban society. His 2009 novel, “The Man Who Loved Dogs,” was […]

Cuban artists sold for 118.000 USD by Sotheby’s

HAVANA.June 10   (AP)  Late one balmy spring night during Havana’s 12th Biennial, young working-class men and women lounged on a stretch of sand dotted with folding chairs and umbrellas, an artificial beach created as an art installation on the capital’s Malecon seaside promenade. Meanwhile, at Sotheby’s auction house in New York, the beach’s 40-year-old […]

Germany and Cuba see benefits of rapprochement

HAVANA, June 9  On the eve of a summit between the European Union and Latin America, the foreign ministers of Germany and Cuba said thawing relations between Havana and the West could provide some much-needed stability during a period of global unrest. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s foreign minister, said improving ties between the U.S. and Cuba […]

Inaugural poet launches Cuba writing project

HAVANA, June 9  (AP) Poet Richard Blanco is launching a writing project to lift what he calls Cuba’s “emotional embargo.” Blanco and writer Ruth Behar, both Cuban-Americans, told The Associated Press they are launching “Bridges to/from Cuba” as a forum for Cubans on and off the island to share their hopes for the future as […]

Havana meets Kingston

HAVANA, 9 June  An Australian music producer and a group of Jamaican musicians head to Havana this week for recording sessions in Havana, that country’s capital. The project, which has Havana Meets Kingston as a working title, was conceived by Jake Savona, an Australian who has worked with a number of Jamaican artistes since 2004. […]

Raul Castro adviser urges “decolonization” of the internet

Havana, Juin 9 (EFE) A prominent Cuban intellectual who serves as an adviser to President Raul Castro has urged progressive elements in the international community to lead a “decolonizing” approach to the use of new technologies. Abel Prieto, a former culture minister, spoke during Sunday’s closing session of an international conference in Havana about digital […]

Havana and Paris Club members agree on debt of $15 bln

HAVANA, June 8   Cuba and the Paris Club of wealthy creditor nations have agreed that Cuba owes $15 billion stemming from a 1986 default, an important first step toward renegotiating the debt, Western diplomats said. “The final amount of $15 billion has been approved by both parties, so that is a big first step […]

Americans living in Havana

HAVANA, June 7 (HT) While hotels like Havana’s Melia Cohiba are full of Americans who think they are getting an early taste of international travel’s forbidden fruit hundreds of United States citizens have been calling Cuba home away from home for some time now. Every morning US students studying at the University of Havana walk […]

Again,UK developer plans to invest $500m in Cuban resort

HAVANA, June 7  (FT)  London & Regional, the UK property developer, plans to invest more than $500m to develop a luxury Cuban tourist resort in one of the first signs of big money interest in the island since Havana began talks to normalise relations with the US in December. The resort will allow foreigners to […]

Havana’s health tourism centre expands services

HAVANA, 6 June  (ACN) — The Havana-based Cira Garcia health centre, offering services to foreigners in Cuba, is expanding its services to compete with other similar centres in the Americas. “We are expanding our services, not only in terms of space, but also in our attention capacity,” said health centre director Joaquin Garcia. The institution […]

Havana hosts its first fashion show

HAVANA, Jun 6 Cuba will launch its first commercial fashion show ever in an effort to become a good taste reference in Latin America and the Caribbean. The commercial event, which is organized by Palco Entrepreneurial Group and the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, will be hosted by Pabexpo Exhibit Pavilion, June 8 to 11, in […]

Tattoos have an Asian face in Havana

Havana, Jun 6  (PL) The ancient art of tattoo of the Burmese ethnic Chin will arrive to the Cuban capital on June 12 with the exhibition Marcadas, from the Catalan photographer Edu Bayer, today organizers announced. The exhibition includes portraits of elderly women of that group, who look at their faces fascinating tattoos.These are also […]

Six Cuban artists you should know

HAVANA, June 5   (BY LOUISA STRAUSS) Devoid of art supplies, Internet, and a connection to the international art market, contemporary Cuban artists have been making some of the most innovative work the world has yet to see. As the coils of the embargo begin to loosen, an emerging force of pioneers are debuting their work […]

Amendment to restricting flying from US to Cuba fails

HAVANA, june 5 An amendment to eliminate a measure that would restrict travel to Cuba failed Thursday in the U.S. House of Representatives, reported the Hill. Previously Republicans had added a provision to the funding bill for both the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to prevent licensing flights or cruise ships to […]

First Mexican restaurant opens in Havana

HAVANA,june 4   (HT por Pilar Montes)  Andrés Buenfil, a businessman from the Mexican Yucatan who has visited Cuba regularly since 1988, has always been taken aback by the fact that our country lacks a good Mexican restaurant. “We Mexicans are very attached to our cuisine and, wherever we travel to in the world, we […]

Local rhythms and tourist sites in Old Havana

  HAVANA, june 4  In some destinations, tourist areas are located far from the rhythms of everyday life. But visitors who wander through Old Havana — Habana Vieja, as locals call it — can’t help but get a sense of how ordinary Cubans live. You’ll see uniformed school children, street vendors selling colorful fruits and […]

Exhibition by U.S. painter James Richards to open in Havana

HAVANA,  Jun 3 (acn) The exhibition “The Cuba of Hemingway in Watercolors” by U.S. artist James Richards will be opened on June 4th at the Ernest Hemingway Museum, former residence of the famous Nobel Literature Prize winner. In the words of the artist, these watercolors offer a different and genuine look to today’s Cuba, where […]

Lebanon entrepreneurs explore business opportunities in Havana

HAVANA, Jun 23  (acn) Entrepreneurs from Cuba and Lebanon will explore this week new business and investment opportunities in key sectors, in order to develop trade between the two nations. The forum will take place on June 4 and 5 at the National Hotel in this capital, on the occasion of the visit members of […]

Cosmos beat Cuba in historic Havana match

The New York Cosmos have made history before, just not in this manner. HAVANA, june 3 The Cosmos defeated Cuba’s national team 4-1 Tuesday in a friendly that was the first visit to the island by a U.S. professional team since the two countries began their detente effort in December. A franchise that brought Brazilian […]

Cuba’s trade embargo is unlikely to be lifted anytime soon

HAVANA, june 2   The Obama administration’s decision to remove Cuba from the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism became final on Friday, 45 days after it was announced, partly because Congress failed to move to block the change. While removal from the list clears another hurdle to normalized diplomatic relations between the […]

Brand building in Cuba still a long way off

With advertising and PR deemed illegal in Cuba, brands must adopt outside-the-box strategies to make an impact. HAVANA, June 1 Cuba is an untapped landscape for PR pros. And it may remain that way for years to come, even with the end of the US trade embargo in sight. Just because Cuba and the US are […]

New York Cosmos to play in Cuba as Part of ‘football diplomacy’

HAVANA, June 1  (AFP)  A blizzard of camera flashbulbs from local media and fans greeted a Cosmos delegation led by Brazilian legend Pele as the team touched down in Havana on a private charter flight. Former Cosmos star Pele, who has battled a series of health problems in recent months, was mobbed by well-wishers before […]