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Italian Airline Meridiana Starts Flights to Havana

HAVANA, Dec 21 (PL) The Italian airline Meridiana today launched its flights to Cuba to connect the cities of Havana and Verona, in code-sharing with Blue Panorama reported here the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur). According to what the source confirmed, this operation Verona-Havana-Cancun has a weekly frequency and responds to the growing interest in the […]

MSC Cruises to Build $200 Million Private Island in the Bahamas

HAVANA, Dec. 21th (By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon)  MSC Cruises has announced plans to develop its own private Caribbean island experience in the Bahamas. The company said it would be spending around $200 million on the project. Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie and MSC Cruises Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago have signed a 100-year lease agreement for the 95-acre […]

Silver Airways Plans a Return to Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 20th (BUSINESS WIRE) Silver Airways, Florida’s largest intrastate airline, today announced its intention to resume nonstop service to Cuba in 2016. The company has a long history of providing charter flights to Cuba, and given the announcement of a new bilateral agreement between Cuba and the U.S., Silver plans to bring much needed […]

Jazz Plaza International Festival kicks off in Havana

HAVANA, Dec 19th (ACN)  The expected 31st Jazz Plaza International Festival 2015 began on Thursday at Mella Theater with the presentation of maestro Ernán Lopez Nussa and his trio, along with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, US group from New Orleans. Until December 20, the event will welcome performers and ensembles from a dozen countries, […]

A A will apply for Miami-to-Cuba flights

HAVANA, Dec. 18th  With the U.S. and Cuban officials reaching an agreement to allow regularly scheduled commercial flights between the two countries, American Airlines said it is ready to fly routes in 2016. The Fort Worth-based carrier has operated charter service to Cuba since 1991 and plans to apply for the new commercial routes to […]

US – Cuba reach flight deal to allow 110 flights a day

HAVANA, Dec. 17th (AP)  The United States and Cuba have struck a deal to allow as many as 110 regular airline flights a day, jumpstarting economic relations that have languished despite a year of rapid progress on the diplomatic front, U.S. and Cuban officials said Thursday on the anniversary of detente between the Cold War […]

The hottest night out in Havana

HAVANA, Dec.16th  Forget the Copacabana, forget the Tropicana — the hottest spot in Havana now is a former peanut oil factory turned art house. Fábrica de Arte Cubano is more than just a place to drink and dance the night away. It’s a premier cultural institution, hosting art installations, film festivals, and theater performances. Fábrica […]

Exploring the underground real estate market in Havana

Eager to own a piece of their native homeland, Cuban Americans are placing their bets on the island’s underground foreign real estate market. HAVANA, Dec. 16th  It is still illegal — according to both U.S. and Cuban law — for Americans to purchase property in Cuba, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying. Their window […]

U.S. hopes to conclude Cuba aviation talks ‘very, very soon’

HAVANA, Dec. 16th (Reuters)  The United States hopes to conclude aviation talks with Cuba about the resumption of scheduled commercial airline flights “very, very soon,” a senior U.S. State Department official said on Tuesday. The official was speaking ahead of Thursday’s one-year anniversary of the United States and Cuba’s agreement after 18 months of secret talks […]

Producers of Game of Thrones in Havana

HAVANA, Dec 15th It happened late at night, in one of Havana’s most popular private cultural centers. When an image of Our Lady of Charity next to the Cuban Art Factory (FAC) is illuminated, one can assume that the evening has just started. Few realized when the group of U.S. film producers, screen writers and directors slipped […]

One year later in U.S.-Cuba relations

HAVANA,.Dec. 15th  President Obama and Cuban PresidentRaúl Castro shocked the world one year ago Thursday when they announced the United States and Cuba would end more than a half century of enmity and start normalizing relations. That date, Dec. 17, has now become etched into the minds of Cubans as a turning point in their history. Much has […]

Cuban baseball defectors Puig, Abreu returning to homeland in MLB tour

HAVANA, Dec 15 (Reuters By Daniel Trotta) – Cuban baseball defectors including star players Jose Abreu and Yasiel Puig will join a Major League Baseball goodwill tour arriving in Havana on Tuesday in an unprecedented act of baseball diplomacy. Cuba does not typically welcome back defectors so soon, especially for high-profile events, and they remain banned […]

Behind the scenes of a fashion shot in Havana

HAVANA, Dec. 15th A couple months ago on the heels of Photo Plus in New York, a good friend of mine Clay Cook went to Cuba on a mission to capture images for a 20 page fashion editorial. When I spoke to Clay about the impending project back in October, he explained that Havana is […]

Teen birth rate rises in Cuba

HAVANA, Dec.14th (EFE)  Pregnancy among teenagers has increased in Cuba, where in 2014 the birth rate in young females under 20 was 51.6 for every 1,000 women in this age group, more than 15 percent of the total births in the country, state media reported. Girls having sexual relations at an ever earlier age – […]

Obama: I want to go to Cuba in 2016

HAVANA,Dec.14th President Obama promised in an exclusive interview with Yahoo News that he “very much” hopes to visit Cuba during his last year in office, but only if he can meet with pro-Democracy dissidents there. “If I go on a visit, then part of the deal is that I get to talk to everybody,” Obama […]

Cuban migrant crisis on agenda as Costa Rican president visits Havana

HAVANA, Dec. 14th  (AFP) – Costa Rica’s president landed in Havana Sunday amid mounting regional tension over the fate of thousands of Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica en route to the United States. President Luis Guillermo Solis confirmed the issue would be part of his talks with Cuban counterpart Raul Castro but offered few […]

Cuba Reaches Deal to Pay $2.6 Billion in Arrears to Paris Club

HAVANA, Dec. 13th Cuba has reached a deal with its creditors where the county will pay $2.6 billion in arrears over an 18-year period while $4 billion of its debt will be forgiven. The deal comes after months of negotiations between the Communist nation and the Paris Club, an informal group of developed creditor nations. […]

Rare Aston Martin found in a shed near Havana

One of our first thoughts, as car lovers, when Cuba resumed diplomatic relationships with the US was: “what will happen to the cars?” It’s a well-known fact that Cuba is like a time-capsule for classic American cars, built prior to 1959. HAVANA, Dec. 12th Sure, most of them don’t have the original engines and have […]

LAX to Havana flights start today

HAVANA, Dec. 12th The inaugural charter flight between Los Angeles International Airport and Havana, will depart Saturday, creating a West Coast link between the cities amid improved U.S.-Cuban political relations. The American Airlines flight is scheduled to depart at 12:30 p.m., following a ceremony attended by Mayor Eric Garcetti and officials with the airline and […]

Cuba, U.S. agree to re-establish direct mail service

HAVANA,Dec. 11th  (REUTERS) Cuba and the United States have agreed to restore direct postal service after a half-century rupture in one of the first bilateral deals since the former Cold War foes re-established diplomatic ties in July. The announcement on Friday comes ahead of the first anniversary of the Dec. 17 announcement by U.S. President Barack […]

Why Cuba is ripe for investment

HAVANA, Dec.10th (CNN in Business News) A recent event at Havana’s Panorama Hotel provided a unique view into the future of Cuba. Some 50 would-be business owners attended Cuba’s first-ever Startup Weekend, listening to presentations, holding workshops and refining business models. Listening to the young entrepreneurs in attendance reinforced my conviction that Cuba is a huge […]

Cuba slowly accepting LGBT community

HAVANA, Dec. 10th (CNN)  As Cuba opens its doors to American visitors, the government is encouraging more gay tourism. After decades of persecution, new laws to protect LGBT rights mark a dramatic turnaround for the Castro regime. The show goes on at 2:00AM. Havana’s drag queen cabaret. Lip syncing six nights a week as cocktails flow […]

French Accor Hotel chain celebrates 20 years in Cuba

HAVANA, Dec 10  (Prensa Latina) With 20 years of work in Cuba, the French hotel chain Accor Hotels arranges details for the opening of the hotel Pullman Cayo Coco, in Ciego de Avila, on December 17. Representative for Accor Hotels in Havana Eric Peyre said that the opening of the hotel is the entry in […]

Olga Tañón: My Artistic Career is divided into before and after Cuba

HAVANA, Dec 10th  (ACN)  My career is divided into before and after Cuba, said today in Havana Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón, who will give a concert on Saturday at the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal in the capital, under the name of “Promesa cumplida” (Promise fulfilled). Also known as Mujer de Fuego (Fire Woman), Tañón confessed that […]

The Myth Behind Hemingway’s Favorite Drink

Actually, the Mojito wasn’t Hemingway’s beverage of choice. HAVANA, Dec. 9th  The greater the person, the more mythology surrounds him/her. Many grew up hearing tales of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, that emperor Nero played a mean fiddle while Rome burned, or that Newton needed to have an apple bonk him on the […]

Meyer Lansky’s family hopes to be compensated for Habana Riviera

HAVANA, Dec. 9th The family of the late gangster Meyer Lansky is hoping to be compensated for a Havana casino hotel seized after Cuba’s 1959 revolution. Now that Cuba and the United States have begun trying to resolve billions in dollars in claims for the confiscation of American properties by the island’s socialist government, Lansky’s […]

First charter flight from L.A. to Havana takes off Saturday

HAVANA, Dec. 9th The first weekly charter flight connecting Los Angeles to Havana departs Saturday, reflecting the continued easing of travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba. American Airlines will launch the weekly nonstop flight with a Boeing 737. The Fort Worth-based airline already operates several charter flights to Cuba from Tampa, Fla., and Miami […]