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Havana allows 1st free public wi-fi at Havana cultural center

Kcho Studio Romerillo 7th and 120 Street, Havana HAVANA, 12 Mar,  (AP) Cuba is allowing free, public Internet service for the first time at a Havana cultural center that quietly began offering open Wi-Fi in recent weeks. Dozens of youths flock daily to the center run by famed artist Kcho. His spokeswoman says state telecom […]

Cuba dissident leader expects to survive referendum vote

HAVANA,12 Mar. (AP) — The head of the Cuban dissident group the Ladies in White was poised to survive a referendum on her leadership Wednesday following an internal dispute that sparked demands for her resignation. With more than half of the ballots counted, Berta Soler said she had won support from 108 members, enough to […]

Cuba celebrates Fernando Birri’s 90th birthday

Havana, Mar 11 (Prensa Latina) Professors and students of the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and TV School (EICTV) are celebrating the 90th birthday of who was its first director and founder: famous Argentinian filmmaker Fernando Birri. The celebration, entitled “Para un señor muy viejo con alas enormes” (For a Very Old Man […]

IDT establishes direct connection with Cuba

HAVANA, 11.Mar. (Reuters) – Direct telephone connections between the United States and Cuba have been established under the first commercial accord realized since the December rapprochement between the two longtime adversaries, Cuba’s national telecom provider said on Wednesday. The U.S.-based IDT Corp reached an agreement with Cuba’s Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA) to […]

A Cuba, les sociétés françaises guettent l’ouverture

LA HAVANE, 10 Mar. Sur le port de Mariel, à l’ouest de La Havane, un bateau rempli de conteneurs portant le sigle de la compagnie d’affrètement CMA-CGM est en cours de déchargement. Tout autour, des grues et des engins de chantier s’activent pour édifier la future zone franche maritime de la ville. Au-delà des promesses […]

Winter tourism season booms in Cuba

HAVANA,10 Mar.  A dozen tour buses idled along the Malecón and so many tourists were snapping pictures of the giant images of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos on a recent day at the Plaza de la Revolución that it looked like a theme park. Foreign visitors are coming to Cuba in droves this winter season. […]

Odebrecht carry out Havana’s airport expansion

HAVANA, 9 Mar. (EFE) Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht will carry out the $207 million expansion of the international terminal at Havana’s Jose Marti Airport, Cuba’s official media said Monday. Work will begin this month at Terminal 3 to “make more efficient the services provided to roughly 2,000 passengers going through the facility at rush hour,” […]

Cosmos to lead return to post-embargo Cuba

HAVANA, 9 Mar.  The New York Cosmos will play the Cuban national team in June in Havana, becoming the first American professional team to play on the island in 16 years and the first since the United States government announced that it would restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba in December. Cosmos officials would not […]

US agriculture interests intensify lobby against trade embargo

Agribusinesses want the Cuban embargo gone, but not for all altruistic reasons HAVANA, 9 Mar.  (AMG) — Late last week, an agricultural delegation from the U.S. arrived in Cuba in search of potential business partners.The trip occurred after several months of hard lobbying by American agribusinesses, urging the U.S. government to lift its long-standing trade […]

Paris Club chief in Cuba to expedite debt negotiations

HAVANA, 7 Mar. (Reuters BY DANIEL TROTTA) – The chief of the Paris Club of wealthy creditor nations met Cuban finance officials on Friday in what he believed was an unprecedented official visit to Havana to discuss Cuba’s debt. After previous negotiations had stalled in 2000, Cuba and the Paris Club have moved swiftly in […]

Interview of top Cuban spy released by Obama

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News, Gerardo Hernandez is defiant about his role as ringleader of the Cuban Five spy network.HAVANA, 6 Mar.   — In the depths of his 16-year odyssey through the U.S. prison system, convicted Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez was transferred to an underground cell at Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution that […]

First U.S. telecom company connects directly with Cuba

HAVANA, 6 Mar.  The first U.S. company to strike a long-distance deal with Cuba since the Obama administration announced a telecom opening toward the island is now handling direct calls to Cuba. “Now we can terminate and make calls directly to Cuba,” said Bill Ulrey, vice president of investor relations for Newark, N.J.-based IDT Corp. […]

Les vieilles Américaines, trésor national en péril ?

LA HAVANE, 6 Mar.   Cuba sans ses voitures des années 1950, c’est un peu comme Venise sans ses gondoles ! Ces autos rutilantes doivent leur survie à l’embargo américain. Mais tout pourrait changer avec le rapprochement historique entre La Havane et Washington. Reportage à Cuba où le Président François Hollande a annoncé sa visite […]

Terry Fox Marathon in Cuba on March 14

HAVANA,6 Mar. (acn) In a new opportunity to keep alive the legacy of Terry Fox, the 17th edition of the Marathon of Hope in honor of the young Canadian cancer victim will be held on next March 14th throughout Cuba. Yves Gagnon, Canadian Ambassador to the Caribbean nation, expressed in the International Press Center in […]

Return to Cuba or die,end of a refugee’s American dream

HAVANA, 6 Mar. (Julie Schwietert Collazo) “We advise you to return to Cuba if you don’t want to die”. That was the message Julian Esnart Wilson, a Cuban refugee living in the United States, was given by a congressional staffer he had reached out to for help. A debilitating illness and lack of health care […]

Is Cuba on the verge of major political reform?

HAVANA, 5 Mar.   — (Nick Miroff) An online forum published in Cuban state media this week offers the most intriguing sign to date that Cubane authorities may be preparing to make significant changes to the one-party system Fidel and Raul Castro have controlled for 55 years. A new “General Election Law” approved by the […]

EU and Cuba resume talks

Havana, 5 Mar. (AFP) – The European Union and Cuba resumed negotiations Wednesday in a third round of talks aimed at normalizing relations, as Havana and Washington work through their own historic rapprochement. The two-day session, part of a dialogue that began 11 months ago, is aimed at tackling sensitive human rights issues and finalizing […]

Conan in Havana

HAVANA, 5 Mar. CONAN Highlight: Watch the first four minutes of Conan O’Brien’s one-man mission to meet the Cuban people and make some friends.

Key West-to-Cuba flights resume

HAVANA, 4 Mar.  A Miami travel company is reviving flights between Key West International Airport and Cuba. Mambi International Group, which launched a similar service in February 2014, is in the cockpit once again for travel to the communist country following December’s announcement of eased travel restrictions on U.S. residents going to Cuba. While last […]

A boxer in central Havana

HAVANA, 4 Mar.(By David LaFevor)  I first met Enrique Hitchman in a bar with no name on Neptuno Street in the neighborhood known as Central Havana. I had been living in Cuba, off and on, for several years to research the histories of race, national identity, and boxing for my dissertation.The bartender, Pedro, was an […]

François Hollande en visite officielle à la Havane le 11 mai

LA HAVANE, 3 Mar. C’est la première fois qu’un chef de l’Etat français se rend sur l’île de Raul Castro, affirme l’Elysée dans un communiqué. En avril 2014, Laurent Fabius était le premier chef de la diplomatie française à se rendre à La Havane depuis trente-et-un ans. Une première. A l’occasion d’un déplacement aux Antilles, […]

French president François Hollande to visit Havana

LA HAVANE, 3 Mar. —French President François Hollande will travel to Cuba in May, the first visit by a French president to the country. Mr. Hollande will be in Cuba on May 11, while he is on a four-day trip to the region, where he will also visit some French overseas territories, his office said. […]

‘Ship to Cuba’ option shows up on Amazon.com

HAVANA, 3 Mar. (Reuters) – Less than three months after U.S. and Cuban officials agreed to restore diplomatic ties, Amazon.com Inc appears to be laying the groundwork to ship packages to Cuba. A “ship to Cuba” button was seen on Monday on Amazon’s website by Reuters correspondents in Havana. But the option does not appear […]

Obama hopes for U.S. embassy in Cuba before April summit in Panama

HAVANA, 3 Mar. (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday he hopes the United States will open an embassy in Cuba by the time of a Western Hemisphere summit in Panama in mid-April. In an interview with Reuters, Obama also cautioned that it will take more time to fully establish normal relations with […]

U.S. agriculture delegation protests embargo

HAVANA, 3 Mar. (Reuters) – The most important U.S. agricultural delegation to visit Cuba in more than a decade began three days of meetings on Monday, hoping to find potential business partners and urge the U.S. Congress to lift the trade embargo against the Caribbean nation. Two former agriculture secretaries, a number of state agriculture […]

Insurers eye Cuban travel insurance market

HAVANA, 3 Mar. As relations between the U.S. and Cuba get cozier, one insurer is eying a lot of opportunity in the travel market. “We are at the beginning of what could be new opportunities as Cuba and the United States explore ways of ending years of travel and trade restrictions,” says Maurice R. Greenberg, […]

Interjet considers Havana as a regional hub

HAVANA, 1 Mar.  Interjet (4O, Toluca) has approved the firming up of options for an additional ten SSJ 100-95s Russia’s RU Aviation News reports. The move follows talks between the airline’s board and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Moscow Zhukovsky) executives late last year and, according to Interjet CEO Jose Luis Garza, will culminate in an agreement […]

Mexican company gets deal to invest in Mariel

HAVANA, 1 Mar. (Reuters) – A Mexican meat processing firm has become the first international company to get approval for an investment project in Cuba’s first special economic development area, Mexico’s foreign ministry said on Saturday. Richmeat de Mexico plans to invest in the processing and packing of meat within the Mariel special development zone […]

Paris Hilton en visite a La Havane

Selfie avec le fils de l’ancien président cubain Fidel Castro LA HAVANE, 28 Feb. (AFP) La starlette Paris Hilton est actuellement à Cuba, île sur laquelle sa famille avait perdu un hôtel il y un demi-siècle à l’arrivée de Fidel Castro au pouvoir. L’héritière du groupe hôtelier a publié jeudi sur son compte Twitter une […]