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Olga Tañón: My Artistic Career is divided into before and after Cuba

HAVANA, Dec 10th  (ACN)  My career is divided into before and after Cuba, said today in Havana Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón, who will give a concert on Saturday at the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal in the capital, under the name of “Promesa cumplida” (Promise fulfilled). Also known as Mujer de Fuego (Fire Woman), Tañón confessed that […]

The Myth Behind Hemingway’s Favorite Drink

Actually, the Mojito wasn’t Hemingway’s beverage of choice. HAVANA, Dec. 9th  The greater the person, the more mythology surrounds him/her. Many grew up hearing tales of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, that emperor Nero played a mean fiddle while Rome burned, or that Newton needed to have an apple bonk him on the […]

Meyer Lansky’s family hopes to be compensated for Habana Riviera

HAVANA, Dec. 9th The family of the late gangster Meyer Lansky is hoping to be compensated for a Havana casino hotel seized after Cuba’s 1959 revolution. Now that Cuba and the United States have begun trying to resolve billions in dollars in claims for the confiscation of American properties by the island’s socialist government, Lansky’s […]

First charter flight from L.A. to Havana takes off Saturday

HAVANA, Dec. 9th The first weekly charter flight connecting Los Angeles to Havana departs Saturday, reflecting the continued easing of travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba. American Airlines will launch the weekly nonstop flight with a Boeing 737. The Fort Worth-based airline already operates several charter flights to Cuba from Tampa, Fla., and Miami […]

U.S., Cuba to negotiate billions in claims against each other

HAVANA, Dec.8th (REUTERS) Cuban and U.S. officials on Tuesday will begin to untangle one of the most complex obstacles to normalization of relations between the two countries: the claims of Americans whose property was nationalized after the 1959 revolution and Cuban counterclaims for damages caused by the U.S. trade embargo. The talks in Havana are […]

News from ANIPLANT Havana, caring for Cuba’s Animals

HAVANA, Dec. 7th Many changes are happening in Cuba, and many more are sure to follow.  As more people make their way to Cuba, “to see it before it changes”, the plight of the animals is getting more attention.  Here are just a few observations we’ve heard recently: Hungry, sick, mangy dogs and cats wandering the streets […]

Cuba nears deal with Paris Club on debt forgiveness

HAVANA, Dec. 7th  (REUTERS) Cuba is near a deal with 15 rich creditor nations of the Paris Club to restructure US$16 billion in debt stemming from a 1986 default, with creditors expected to forgive most of the amount owed, diplomats close to the talks said. The parties will meet in Paris later this week and, […]

Investor Alert? Move to Cuba, Marry a Senorita, and Buy Flip Homes for Free!

HAVANA, Dec. 6th (by D. Sidney Potter)  If there’s one thing that conservative Democrats can rejoice about, given the less than stellar reviews of their point person who now occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, rent free, is that the ‘shout-out’ heard around the world would have to be President Obama’s “opening” with Cuba that occurred earlier […]

Cubans have spirit, what they need is money

HAVANA,Dec. 6th  In the oldest part of the city, near the famed Parque Central, stands a building that’s being restored from top to bottom. The project has been under way a long time. Possibly it began before the last time I was here, 21 years ago. One can only guess the height of the building […]

Cuba and U.S. to Discuss Settling Claims on Property

HAVANA, Dec.5th  (New York Times) Representatives of Cuba and the United States will meet on Tuesday in Havana to begin negotiations on settling decades-old outstanding property claims for the thousands of American citizens and companies whose assets were confiscated after Cuba’s revolution, according to several people briefed on the coming talks. The meeting is considered […]

Austrian Airlines launches Vienna-Havana services next year

HAVANA, Dec. 5th AUA Austrian Airlines, a unit of German giant Lufthansa, will offer flights to Havana (Cuba) as of autumn 2016, the company said in a statement. The flights on the first route to the Caribbean to be offered by the group in five years will provide a connection with Havana once a week. […]

140 Cyclists in Titan Tropic Mountain Bike Race

HAVANA, Dec 5 (PL)  A total of 140 cyclists from 13 countries will take part in the Titan Tropic Mountain Bike, from Sunday to Thursday, in Cuba, said weekly JIT in its digital version here Friday. For the first time, the mountains of the Cuban western province of Pinar del Rio will be the host […]

Despite Laws, Miami Cubans Open Businesses in Their Home Country

HAVANA, 5th Dec.   Javier, who has lived in Miami for the past 12 years, decided several years ago to return to his native Cuba to open a business. But the catch is he still lives in the U.S., and like others who are doing the same, has circumvented existing laws by working through relatives […]

US,Cuba likely to establish direct postal service in early 2016

HAVANA, Dec. 4th (Sputnik) The United States and Cuba will probably launch a direct postal service at the beginning of 2016, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for South America and Cuba Alex Lee said on the sidelines of the Cuba Summit in Washington, DC. “[W]e’re getting very close and it is our hope we’ll be able […]

InselAir’s New Route: Miami – Cuba

HAVANA, Dec. 4th The local aviation company InselAir started yesterday with charter flights from Miami to Cuba. In partnership with three U.S. agencies they provide up to nine daily flights to four different destinations in Cuba. This major contract for InselAir is the result of four years of intensive negotiations. This is according to Jurgen […]

Florida-Cuba ferry service not likely before late 2016

HAVANA, Dec. 4th  If you’ve been itching to take a ferry from Florida to Cuba, be patient. It probably won’t start before the second half of 2016 and could take longer, according to ferry executives. Spain’s ferry veteran Balearia said Thursday that it has proposed to invest more than $35 million to build a ferry […]

Cuba to expand clinical trial of its lung cancer vaccine

HAVANA, Dec. 3th. Cuba will expand its clinical trial on a therapeutic vaccine aimed at treating lung cancer, official media reported Wednesday. The vaccine, currently underway in only two provinces, will be dispensed in municipal clinics across the country come 2016. The ultimate goal, said one of the program’s researchers to news agency ACN, is […]

Cuba’s new wave of film-makers get to work

HAVANA, Dec. 3th On the eve of the annual Havana Film Festival, a camera crew wrap up a long day’s shoot on the backstreets of the capital. No Hollywood blockbuster, it’s a low-budget music video for a band. Yet there is still something unique, almost revolutionary, about how it’s being produced. It’s part of a […]

Greg Abbott: Cuba dedicated to expanding private sector

HAVANA, Dec. 3th Cuba’s minister of foreign trade and investment told Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday that he believes the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States is an inexorable process that won’t be reversed no matter who is elected president in 2016. Hours later, in a conference call with Texas reporters at […]

Sixt round of EU-Cuba negotiations in Brussels

HAVANA, Dec. 3th The EU and Cuba held their sixth round of negotiations towards a bilateral Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA) in Brussels on 1st and 2nd December 2015. All three main chapters of the PDCA were discussed – political dialogue, cooperation and policy dialogue as well as trade and economic cooperation. The discussions […]

MSC Cruises is to dock a second ship in Havana next year

HAVANA, Dec. 3th  (FT)  MSC Cruises is to dock a second ship in Havana next year as it looks to gain a lead in the race for Cuban tourism and build on its investment in new ships. The privately owned cruise operator will become the first global company with a ship in Cuba when the […]

A new luxury cruise line is setting sail for Cuba this winter

HAVANA, Dec. 2th It’s been more than 50 years since a cruise ship from an American port has dropped anchor in a Cuban one. Now, just in time for the winter exodus to all places sunny, that’s about to change. The MS. Saint Laurent—a sprightly luxury ship from Haimark Travel that caps out at 210 passengers—is […]

Ernest Hemingway movie set for Havana Festival screening

HAVANA,Dec. 1th Ernest Hemingway biopic “Papa” has been set for an international premiere on December 5 as part of Havana, Cuba’s 37th International Festival of New Latin Cinema. Cast members Adrian Sparks, Joely Richardson and Hemingway’s granddaughter Mariel Hemingway are expected to be in attendance. “Papa,” directed by Bob Yari, is the first Hollywood movie to shoot on […]

Cuba reinstates limits on doctors leaving the country

HAVANA, Dec. 1th. (REUTERS) Cuba on Tuesday re-imposed limits on doctors leaving the country, saying its universal and free healthcare services have been “seriously affected” by the flight of vital medical specialists. In a rare backtrack by Cuba on modernizing reforms of recent years, the Communist government said it would reapply restrictions that had been […]

Visa protest sign of new boldness in Cuba

HAVANA, Nov. 1th (BBC) As Europe’s winter approaches and many hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the continent face an uncertain future, in Havana rare street protests have been held in recent days over a separate, very different kind of immigrant crisis that’s taking place in Latin America. It is a journey which begins in […]

Iberia increases its Madrid-Havana flights

HAVANA, Nov. 30 th Six months after launching the route, Iberia will offer one additional frequency to Havana, Cuba, up to six weekly flights on Tuesdays, starting from tomorrow December 1, 2015. Iberia flies from Madrid to Havana with its newest aircraft, the Airbus A330-300, twin-engine planes, which can accommodate 278 passengers. Business travelers can […]

Legal Migration Travel Talks Resume After Delays

HAVANA, Nov. 30th The U.S. and Cuba will hold another round of migration talks on Monday to discuss the “legal migration” of Cubans. According to a statement from the U.S. Department of State, the migration discussion is part of the U.S. and Cuba’s biannual Migration Talks. Set for Nov. 30, at the U.S. Department of State […]

Time to Bring Cuba Online

HAVANA, Nov. 30th  Millions of Cuban citizens could have affordable access to the Internet in a matter of months. The only thing keeping the island in the digital Dark Ages is a lack of political will. Cuban officials have long blamed the American embargo for their nation’s obsolete telecommunications systems. They no longer have that […]

IMO, “Person” of the Year in Cuba

HAVANA, Nov. 28th (14ymedio) December will soon be here and numerous lists of this year’s protagonists will be published in Cuba. A difficult task in a country that over the last 12 months was visited by a pope, a secretary of state and even by Mick Jagger. However, the person who takes all the palms […]