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July 2015, third warmest month in Cuba since 1951

HAVANA, Aug 11 (PL)  July 2015 was the third warmest month in Cuba since 1951, after registering an average temperature of 28.2 degrees Celsius, above 0.7 the historical average for the seventh month of the year, Granma newspaper reported today. According to the Climate Center at the Meteorology Institute, the values of maximum and minimum […]

HavanaAir not ready for take off

HAVANA, August  11 Houston will have to wait a little longer for direct flights to Cuba. When Miami-based HavanaAir first announced the flights last month, the private airline said flights were expected to begin in August. However, the Houston Airport System was still working with the airline on final details, HAS spokesman Bill Begley told […]

Havana on the edge

HAVANA, August 11 (The Atlantic) Old Havana, the historic district of Cuba’s capital, was founded by Spanish colonists in 1519. Its churches and fortresses carved from white limestone, Triangle Trade–era mansions, and airy courtyards tell a story of centuries of wealth and its expression by Cuba’s military and mercantile elite. But the district lost prominence […]

Under the radar, advertising on the rise in Cuba

HAVANA, August 11  The four surgeons in the video, masked and somber, bend over their patient, a vital-signs monitor beeping in the background. “Screwdriver,” says one. “Pliers.” Then finally, in relief, another surgeon whispers, “I think it’s good.” One more surgery with a happy ending. Except the patient is not human. It’s a cellphone. The […]

International Course on Dengue started in Havana

HAVANA, Aug 10 (acn) Professors of England, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Cuba are taking part in an International Course on Dengue that began on Monday in Havana. The Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK), Collaborating Center of the Pan-American and World Organizations PAHO / WHO for […]

Protesters arrested in Obama mask ahead of Kerry’s visit

HAVANA, August 10  Relations may be warming at last between Washington and Havana, but that doesn’t mean the Castro regime is suddenly upping its human-rights game simply to please Obama. In fact, just yesterday, the Cuban government threw an estimated 90 protesters — many clad in black-and-white Barack Obama masks — into jail for marching […]

Two Cuban bands pre-nominated for Latin Grammy awards

HAVANA, August 10 (ACN)   The Cuban bands Los Van Van, currently directed by Samuel Formell, and Havana D’Primera, directed by Alexander Abreu, were pre-nominated on Thursday for the 17th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards. Awarded by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the United States, these prizes are among the […]

Running their own businesses in Cuba is a challenge

HAVANA , August 9  (Miami Herald) Niuris Higueras jokes that her spouse calls Atelier — the Havana restaurant she started with her brother — her real husband. In an effort to see her family more, she’s decided to move them into the rooms in the back of her popular Vedado restaurant. It already has a […]

Cuba aims to double hotel capacity by 2020

HAVANA, August 8  – Cuba’s state-run Gaviota tourism agency plans by the year 2020 to nearly double its number of hotel rooms islandwide to 50,000, state television reported. Gaviota expects to open three new hotels in Havana over the next three years as it bids to make the Cuban capital a premier urban tourism destination […]

Havana’s hottest spot is the crowded rampa to WiFi bliss

HAVANA, August 7  — The busy stretch of 23rd Street in Havana that slopes upward from the seawall is known as La Rampa (The Ramp). It’s a fitting name for the place where many Cubans are discovering the Internet for the first time. Walk along La Rampa on a typical evening and the sidewalks are […]

Dominican Pawa, new airline in the Caribbean

HAVANA, Aug 7  (PL) Dominican Republic will have from the 14th of this month the new Dominican airline Pawa, which will have direct flights to Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten, reported their managers. The company will begin operations after investing about 30 million dollars and according to Director of Corporate Affairs, Alexander Barrios, it will […]

Historian says, Cubans anti-imperialist, not anti-American

HAVANA, August 7   Eight days before Secretary of State John Kerry is to witness the hoisting of the stars and stripes at the reopened U.S. Embassy in Havana, the city’s official historian told EFE that Cuba has never harbored “an anti-American sentiment, but rather an anti-imperialist sentiment.” “Cubans have always understood that subtle difference,” […]

Cuba hopes for boating boom as US luxury ships head to Havana

HAVANA,August 7  (By MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN AP)  A $3 million yacht left Key West this week with two barbeque grills, 250 channels of satellite TV and a just-in-case plan for rescuing stranded Cuban rafters encountered in the Florida Straits. After four hours smooth sailing, the Still Water tied up at Havana’s Hemingway Marina. The well-heeled passengers […]

Tampa aquarium to work with Havana on coral reef conservation

HAVANA, August 6  – The Florida Aquarium has announced what it calls a historic agreement with the National Aquarium of Cuba to work together on coral reef conservation, the first official agreement between Cuba and any aquarium in the United States. Calling them the “underwater rainforests” of the ocean, the Florida Aquarium president said the […]

McDermott set to open in Havana through accord with local firm

McDermott Will & Emery looks set to blaze a trail for the other large international firms by opening in La Havana under an agreement with local Spanish firm Olleros Abogados HAVANA, Aug. 5  The 1,100-lawyer, Chicago-based international practice expects to be working on inbound and outbound work from the island and sees Cuba as ‘a […]

Japanese shadow theater company to perform in Havana

HAVANA, Aug. 5  – Cubans will be treated to Japan’s Kageboushi shadow theater for the first time Tuesday and Wednesday. The two free performances are part of the Kageboushi theater company’s artistic tour of seven Central American and the Caribbean countries, promoters of the event said on Tuesday. The company’s director, Yasuaki Yamasaki, told reporters […]

Cuba taps adventure tourism potential with new attractions

HAVANA, Aug. 5   Cuba’s tourism industry is currently souring, but it is about to open a new chapter as it explores its adventure tourism potential, a tourism ministry official said on Monday. The ministry of tourism (MINTUR) is preparing a mountain climbing adventure course as well as another in the canopy of the surrounding […]

Carlos Acosta calls auditions in Havana to create company

HAVANA, Aug. 4 (PL) The prestigious Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, current star of the Royal Ballet of London in the UK, today confirmed the determination to found a company in his native country. To this end, the future director invites dancers from all over Cuba professionally trained and interested in integrating the project to appear at […]

Yacht charter plans first US-Cuba trip under relaxed rules

HAVANA,  August 4  A Palm Beach County yacht broker’s charter, carrying a documentary filmmaker and a reporter, is set to be the first ship to sail into Cuba on Tuesday since the thawing of relations between the United States and Cuba. Paul Madden, a longtime luxury yacht broker with Paul Madden Associates LLC, on July […]

Olga Tanon plan’s to return to Havana for a big concert

HAVANA, August 4  Six years ago the singer Olga Tanon made a decision that earned her admirers and detractors. The artist, who lives in Florida, boarded a plane to Havana, Cuba, to be part of the concert Paz sin Fronteras (Peace without Borders), organized by Colombian singer Juanes. The massive event, which was attended by […]

Pope to lead Havana mass next to Che Guevara portrait

HAVANA, August 4  (AFP) – Workers in Cuba have begun building the altar where Pope Francis will deliver mass during a landmark visit next month, placing it just to the left of a giant image of Che Guevara. Francis, who hails from Argentina like the famous revolutionary, will visit Cuba September 19 to 22 as […]

Cuba to host mountain bike cycling event

HAVANA,  August  4  One of the most famous and challenging mountain bike marathons Titan Desert, taking place in Morocco since 2006 has become a sports and tourist landmark. The renowned mountain bike marathon recently announced it would launch an epic race in Cuba. Organizers pointed out that the first edition of the event will consist […]

Why auto collectors are holding off buying antique Cuban cars

“Because they’ve been cut off for so long, they’ve morphed into their own species. It’s not a Cadillac. It’s something else.” HAVANA, August 3  Contrary to popular belief, car collectors will not be descending on Cuba to buy up the thousands of antique American cars still on the road in the Caribbean nation. “We just don’t […]

Antonio Banderas will film series “Havana Quartet”in Cuba

HAVANA, August 2  The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will star in the Starz series based on the detective novels of Cuban Leonardo Padura “Havana Quartet”. Starz CEO Chris Albrecht made the announcement on Friday in a panel to TV critics in Beverly Hills, California. The series is based on the series “The Four Seasons” by […]

German sets Florida-to-Havana speedboat record

HAVANA, August  1 (AFP)   A German businessman and power boating fanatic on Saturday broke a 57-year-old record for the fastest boat crossing between the United States and Cuba. Roger Klueh, 50, powered his “Apache Star” powerboat the 160 kilometers (90 miles) separating Key West and Havana, shattering a record that had stood since 1958. […]

Cuban exiles hope they regain confiscated property

After the 1959 revolution, the state seized buildings now estimated to be worth $100bn and rented to, among others, Lloyd’s of London and the British embassy HAVANA August 1 With an elegant marble staircase leading up to a small modern art gallery, and large crescent windows overlooking perfectly manicured lawns, the newly refurbished office building […]

Cuba emerges as paradise for gay tourism

HAVANA, August 1  – As tourism flourishes in Cuba the island is emerging as a destination for the LGBT community and a travel agency specializing in packages for those customers is already in operation. Pioneering the business are the owners of Mi Cayito Cuba, a Web-based intermediary between “gay-friendly Cuban private initiative and clients around […]

This 2,700 horsepower raceboat is going for the Key West to Havana record

Apache Powerboats – Apache 50 – “Apache Star” HAVANA, July  31 Pure power will be on display tomorrow off Key West, Florida when one of the most famous offshore raceboats in US history will attempt to set a new world record for the fastest ocean crossing between Key West and Havana. The crossing will mark the first time since 1963 […]

Revealing new documentary on Cuba Airs August 9th

HAVANA, July 31  , 2015 /PRNewswire/ — As the United States and Cuba move toward normal relations for the first time in more than 54 years, a remarkable documentary film profiles a unique collection of people who are pushing the boundaries and “Reinventing Cuba.” The one hour documentary film, “Reinventing Cuba,” goes beyond the stereotypes […]

Is Cuban music about to blow up in the US ?

As the U.S. and Cuba re-establish diplomatic relations, Latin music execs are scouting the island for crossover hits. HAVANA, August 1 (By APRIL CLARE WELSH)  Musically, Cuba is like a paellera—the pan in which locals cook up their take on the Spanish paella—filled with flamenco licks, Jamaican dancehall riddims, West African drum beats, and club-ready blends […]