Austrian beer brewery in Trinidad in the testing period

Austrian beer brewery in Trinidad in the testing period

HAVANA, sept. 15th The Austrian brewery-brewery Salm began its testing period in Trinidad (Sancti Spíritus) this Friday. It will produce light, medium and dark beers and malt.

The tests carried out in the factory located in the old Royal Prison, next to Plaza Santa Ana, will last three weeks, according to Prensa Latina.

The brewery has its headquarters in the Santa Ana Complex, where there is also a cafeteria, two bars, a restaurant, barbecue, buffet-table and two Caracol stores.

The new mini-factory will employ 40 people and has the capacity to produce 200,000 liters a year of Salm beer, a brand founded in 1924, which is currently produced in 80 countries.

The Extrareserve Branch Palmares S.A., of Sancti Spíritus, has been commissioned to build the factory-craft beer tavern in Trinidad, with Austrian technology.

The company Salm has supervised the whole process of assembling the technology for the craft manufacture of beer. It is not the first time that it does so because they have already installed this type of machines in 40 other countries.

Two other mini-beer industries operate in Cuba in Havana and Santiago.