Argentine foreign minister inaugurates Eva Peron bust in Havana

el-canciller-de-argentina-hector-timerman-d-y-dos-argentinos-residentes-en-la-isla-posan-hoy-viernes-9-de-octubre-de-2015-junto-a-un-bust_928_573_1289129HAVANA, Oct. 10 (EFE) Argentina’s foreign minister inaugurated Friday in the Cuban capital a bust of Eva Peron that could not be unveiled in 2010 as planned because of the sudden death of Argentine then-President Nestor Kirchner.

“Evita would be very proud to remain in Havana, in the heart of a people that so love the Argentines, among whom the feeling is mutual,” Hector Timerman said during the ceremony, according to Cuba’s official AIN news agency.

The foreign minister said the wife of three-time Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron would “completely share the hopes and dreams of the Cuban people.”

“Evita Peron today would oppose the United States embargo on Cuba and would call for the return to the island of the area occupied by the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo,” Timerman said about the famous first lady, described in the article as an “outstanding fighter, a champion of the rights of the poorest.”

Timerman, who arrived in Cuba several weeks after the visit of his nation’s president, Cristina Fernandez, described Eva as a “social whirlwind” and a woman “ahead of her time,” who understood how to win “her place in the world” between 1944 and her death in 1952.

The sculpture of Eva Peron remained five years in Villalon Park, in the downtown Havana neighborhood of El Vedado, before its official inauguration, due to the sudden death of Kirchner, who should have unveiled it.

Timerman arrived last Wednesday on the island invited by his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, and during his visit signed Thursday a bilateral memorandum of understanding for the development of “mechanisms of consultation” between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries.