Argentine Airlines cancels its flights to Cuba

Aerolíneas Argentinas cancela sus vuelos a Cuba

HAVANA, Jan. 26 Aerolíneas Argentinas confirmed the cancellation of its weekly route to Havana, Cuba, effective March 8.During the year 2023, the route to Havana generated losses of more than USD 500,000 for the Argentine state company. This figure could have been higher if it were not for the significant profits obtained from other destinations such as Cancun, which represents one of the most lucrative routes for the airline.

Sources internal to the company highlighted that the cancellation responds to a commercial strategy that aims to safeguard and promote the growth of the airline and its staff, focusing on the most profitable destinations.

The cessation of the frequency to Cuba will also result in a reorganization of the allocation of flight hours for personnel, both for cabin crew and pilots, thus reinforcing the provision of services on more profitable routes such as Cancun.

Travelers who had already purchased tickets to visit Havana will be rebooked on other airlines without additional costs. Those who choose to cancel their trip due to this change will receive a full refund of their ticket.

The resolution is part of a broader strategy to reduce costs and rationalize the organizational structure of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Recent changes in the company include a 43% reduction in the number of directorates and a 35% reduction in direct management reports, data revealed after the incorporation of Fabián Lombardo as the new manager and in line with the open skies policy. promoted by President Javier Milei.

Aerolíneas Argentinas suspended its flights to Cuba for six years. In 2022 he resumed them and a year later began to notice the large losses. The route will continue to operate until March 8, 2024, with a weekly frequency that runs on Fridays, between Havana and Buenos Aires.

Since the end of 2023, multiple airlines around the world, including European and American airlines, have made similar decisions to cancel or reduce their operations in Cuba, because the commercial route leaves economic losses.

Tourism in Cuba has experienced a notable decline. Despite an overall increase in visitors in 2023, which reached almost 3.2 million including domestic customers, the island failed to reach the goal of more than 3 million foreign tourists.

The regime is committed to developing tourism and investing in new hotels despite having very low occupancy and the fact that the country is on the verge of collapse. The reality shown by the statistics is that fewer and fewer people travel to Cuba.

The arrival of tourists to the island is below neighboring countries such as the Dominican Republic, which has presented much more encouraging figures for foreign visitors.