Appealing week for Partagas Fans in Havana

 havana-live-partagas-factory HAVANA, November 18 (Prensa Latina) The XXVII edition of the Meeting of Clients and Friends of the Partagas House began yesterday in Havana and was attended by 350 businessmen from twenty countries, rather interested in smoking cigars.

Businessmen, executives and traders arrived in Cuba this Monday 21 November to hold ceremonies and meetings mostly private, which will allow a close approach to one of the most important brands of the handmade Premium Cuban cigar.
The director of the Partagas House, Grecia Quiñones, said that smokers worldwide who love this brand and place, located in the Partagas building (founded in 1845, Industria No. 520, behind the Capitolio of Havana) will participate.havana-live-Partagas

Among those attending the ceremony are cigar lovers from Germany, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Greece, Cayman Islands, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Singapore, Chile, France, United States, Sweden and the hosts. This event is organized by the Commercial Business Group Tiendas Caracol S.A. when the Partagas House also celebrates its 21st anniversary.
Dinners for smokers, competitions, artistic performances and tours in Havana, Varadero beach and rural farms complete the event, that has already become customary, including a closure in the protocol center of the Cuban government El Laquito. Habano cigars are considered the best in the world for the three-fold condition of the soil, climate and the experience of producers, with 37 brands, among which Partagas stands out.