Announcing Havana VIP Nightlife App

HAVANA, Oct. 30th Announcing Havana VIP Nightlife App. We are so proud and excited to announce our new App with detailed listings of Havana’s best places to eat and drink and weekly Havana Live entertainment listings based on our Havana nightlife pages here on our site.

There are 24 paladares listed with photos and full contact info and offline maps that work in Cuba without any internet connection.  There are 8 new paladar-bars listed too, and 3-4 listings for live entertainment every week.

All you have to do to get the Havana VIP Nightlife App is sign-up for our newsletter, and stay signed-up.  We’ll keep this free service going throughout the 2018-2019 Havana travel “High Season” until May 2019.

We will also be publishing weekly updates of our Havana Live Entertainment Listings to the Nightlife App and to our newsletter every Tuesday. Just connect your app to the internet (by wifi if you’re in Havana) and turn the Havana VIP Nightlife App off and on to get the latest update.

The Havana VIP Nightlife App is built on the Travefy platform.  Travefy is the same way we deliver our itineraries to our clients both by PDF and by this nifty phone app.  In fact our clients can enjoy both their itinerary and the Havana VIP Nightlife App.

The information in the Havana VIP Nightlife App is very hard to come-by even in Cuba.  Show your love to the production team and concierges at our office in Havana: like us on Facebook.

And if you’re planning a trip to Cuba – even if you’re not planning on traveling with Havana VIP don’t miss-out on this super insider Havana nightlife info: sign-up for our newsletter and get our free Havana VIP Nightlife App today!