The Aniplant Project – Helping Cuban Animals

havana-live-cat-trapHAVANA, Nov. 13th  Have you all heard about Trap-Neuter-Release programs for street cats? Well, we’re about to try it in Havana. But we need some big help. The first step isto TRAP the cats, and Aniplant needs traps. Of course, it’scomplicated because it’s Cuba. We cannot ship the traps; we need volunteers to carry the traps to Cuba.

The cons: The traps are bulky and heavy. There will be added charges for luggage. These traps range from 31x14x11 and 12 lbs to 31x23x14 and 23 lbs. That will be an additional $25 to $60 in luggage fees.havana-live-cat-trap

The pros: The traps can be filled with donated supplies and wrapped in plastic for efficient, smart and a very worthwhile use of space! AND many cats will get spayed/neutered — preventing an additional 9,000 cats from suffering on the streets! You will be a hero!

If you sign up for this, The Aniplant Project will purchase a trap and send it directly to you. You will then be responsible for taking it to Havana–either full or empty–within the next 3 months. If you are interested in doing this for the animals of Cuba, please message us for more details.