The Animals of Cuba Still Need You!

cuban-animalsHAVANA, Nov. 29th As we head into the holiday season, please remember the animals of Cuba. With your help this past year, thousands of pounds of supplies have reached ANIPLANT in Cuba, benefitting thousands of needy dogs and cats. Thousands of animals have been sterilized,preventing thousands more from living a life of misery on the streets. But there is more to do in 2017.

Sterilization clinics and Trap-Neuter-Return programs must continue, more educational materials need to be produced, and supplies need to continue reaching the island.

We hope you will support ANIPLANT in Cuba with a donation to The Aniplant Project. The animals of Cuba need you. We need you! And we THANK YOU! Muchas gracias. Merci. Danke. Thank you.

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!

What a year 2016 has been!
On November 25, Fidel Castro died. The end of one era, and the beginning of a new one in Cuba. And with the recent election here in the USA, no one can predict what will happen with the changes we’ve seen in the Cuba-USA relationship.

Regardless, we will continue to help the animals of Cuba by doing everything we can to get supplies to them. We want to extend sterilization clinics and education programs to help even more animals in 2017. We hope you’ll continue to be part of our efforts.street-dogs1

Thanks to you, ANIPLANT and The Aniplant Project have helped over 5,000 animals in Cuba this year.

With your support, thousands of Cuban dogs and cats received loving care — from food, parasite and mange treatments to sterilizations and general health care and welfare. THANK YOU. We cannot do this without the generous support of animal-loving people like you.

Will you help the animals of Cuba with a year-end donation?

$ 40: Can feed 5-7 dogs or cats for a month in Cuba

$ 75: Can provide a trap for the new feral cat TNR program in Havana

$100: Can spay or neuter 10-12 dogs in Cuba

$250: Can pay the annual salary of a veterinarian in Cuba

We appreciate whatever you can do.