An elevator of the Meliá Habana failed and causes serious injuries

An elevator of the Meliá Habana failed and causes serious injuries

HAVANA, Sept. 15. An elevator fell from the sixth floor of the Meliá Habana hotel on Saturday morning with a flight attendant of the Cubana de Aviación airline, who survived and was rushed to the Calixto García hospital with serious injuries.

The information was shared in the group Aviación Cubana y del Mundo on Facebook, where several users confirmed what happened.

According to the post published by R. García, the Meliá Habana, a five-star hotel located in Miramar, Playa, managed by the Spanish chain and under the control of the military conglomerate GAESA, has been established as an isolation center for Cubana crews that continues to operate flights amid the pandemic.

According to García, at first, it was known that the injured person, surnamed Lima, had his lower limbs and spine compromised. A pneumothorax caused by a rib that perforated the lung would have prevented an emergency surgical operation. Doctors first tried to stabilize the patient.

The details were confirmed by an administrator of the group and by the employee of Cubana de Aviación, O. Reyes, who claimed to be a “co-worker” of the security officer.

The flight attendant of Cubana de Aviación I.A. Marante affirmed that the victim of the elevator crash, hospitalized in the Calixto García del Vedado Hospital in serious condition, “was already leaving for his home after passing the quarantine” and after carrying out his test of Covid-19.

The pilot Adrian LA, who also confirmed the events, added that “apparently the elevator had broken cables and the emergency braking system did not work.”

“There are the experts and all the entities required to investigate the incident (…) The rest of the crews are still in the hotel,” he added.
Translated from Dario de Cuba