Amid blackouts, Cuba registers absolute temperature record

Amid blackouts, Cuba registers absolute temperature record

HAVANA, March 19th. This Sunday, March 17, Cuba registered an absolute maximum temperature record of 38.9°C, according to the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (Insmet).The figure was recorded by the Jucarito Meteorological Station, in Granma, and exceeded 38.1°C on the 10th of this month.

“This record constitutes a new absolute record for the month of March in said season, province and for the country,” adds a report from the digital newspaper La Demajagua, the fourth highest this month.

The note adds that on March 7, another temperature record was recorded at the Jucarito Station of 37.6°C, surpassing the 37.5°C recorded in March 1970.

In addition, the Cabo Cruz station reported another record maximum temperature of 32.6°C, surpassing the 32.4°C of March 5, 1958.

This maximum temperature value occurs at a time when the island is going through one of the worst energy crises in its history, marked by blackouts that reach 18 hours without electricity in some areas.

This situation, along with other factors such as the continuous rise in prices, the lack of water and food supply, unleashed the first massive protests of this year in several provinces on the island.

Precisely on Sunday, March 17, the eastern provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Granma were the epicenter of several protests, which were joined by other territories such as Matanzas and Holguín, according to reports on social networks.

The Cuban government has blamed the US blockade for the current crisis and Florida opponents as the main drivers of these demonstrations.

Likewise, the discourse of the country’s leaders has revolved around the idea that the complaints of the Cubans who took to the streets are being addressed and solutions are expected to arrive in the near future.

However, the real situation of electricity generation in the country continues to be critical and does not seem to improve, despite the arrival of fuel from some friendly nations such as Russia.