American Airlines and JetBlue want extra flights to Havana

American Airlines and JetBlue want extra flights to HavanaHAVANA, Dec. 10 American Airlines and JetBlue are looking for additional flight frequencies to Havana, while Delta Air Lines plans to reduce up to six weekly flights as it will cut service to the Cuban capital from New York.

American Airlines and JetBlue are the only two airlines that have sent their applications to continue the services. JetBlue, on the other hand, is looking for seven additional flights to start a route between Tampa and Havana, which has only covered Southwest Airlines so far.

On the other hand, Delta notified that it would return six weekly flights and the SkyTeam airline pointed out regulatory changes in the United States that have restricted the trips of US citizens to Cuba, which has affected flight demand. “The traffic in Delta’s service to Havana from JFK has decreased substantially,” says Delta.

The Delta company has stated that it will not oppose if it reassigns its six weekly frequencies as part of the current procedure. This will increase the number of weekly frequencies available to 34. The other 28 weekly frequencies to the island are being sold by Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines