American Airlines eyes eight roundtrip flights a day between Miami and Havana

AA eyes eight roundtrip flights a day between Miami and Havana

HAVANA, Aug. 12th American Airlines already flies six times a day in both directions on the MIA – HAV route. The airline presently has departures out of Miami International at 06:50, 09:40, 10:21, 16:01, 17:00, and 18:55. American Airlines would like to add 08:00 and 17:35 departures to the list.

Boeing 737s operate five of the current six daily departures, with a Boeing 787 handling AA2705 which pushes back at 10:21.

Out of Havana, American Airlines presently has departures at 09:00, 11:50, 13:20, 18:15, 19:15, and 21:10. The airline wants to add 10:13 and 19:52 departures to the roster.

In its 2020 application, American Airlines originally indicated it planned to operate these extra flights with Boeing 737 aircraft. Its updated application suggests there are no plans to change that.

“American holds exemption authority to provide, and in fact currently operates, scheduled foreign air transportation between Miami and Havana,” the letter reads. “American’s request remains consistent with the US – Cuba Memorandum of Understanding executed on February 16, 2016, pertaining to scheduled air transport services, which allows US carriers to operate up to 20 daily roundtrip frequencies for scheduled combination services to and from Havana.”