Alert in Cuba on rains in the next few days

HAVANA, May 24th (PL)  The Cuban authorities remain alert to the possibility of heavy rains in the western part of the country, although it is dismissed by the time the formation of a tropical cyclone.

According to a report by the National Staff of the Civil Defense, based on the data offered by the Center of the Institute of Meteorology forecasts, a vast area of cloud is having on the western Caribbean Sea, Cuba and the Florida peninsula.

In the next few days will move in a direction next to the north by the vicinity of the Yucatan Channel and the western end of the Greater one of the Antilles, although for the moment does not have conditions favorable for tropical cyclone development.

The most important thing related to this system are the rains that will affect a large part of the national territory and they will be strong and intense mainly in the western and central regions.

The National Civil Defense called attention to the possible impact of this event to consider the studies of hazards, vulnerabilities and risks.

For this reason, it should be prioritized the possible areas of flooding that could be created in the basins of major rivers, areas that are difficult to drain and those located downstream from reservoirs, as well as the potential runoff from one territory to another. (PL) (