“Alert” for operations with cards in dollars at ATMs in Cuba

“Alert” for operations with cards in dollars at ATMs in Cuba

HAVANA, Feb. 19th The administration of the ATM network in Cuba (REDSA) has reported on a new measure to avoid errors with dollar cards on the island.

Customers have criticized the fact that Cuban banks have decided not to process erroneous card claims in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC).

In a previous work, we published how it was requested to eliminate the possibility of performing that operation.

In these circumstances, REDSA has reported the incorporation of a new screen in ATMs to ALERT that the card associated with your MLC account is being operated.

from entity recommend to your customers who read the “messages that Transfermóvil and EnZona also offer you when you go to make a bank transfer”.

In the screenshots shared by the Central Bank of Cuba on its Telegram channel, the following warning messages can be seen.

Transfermobile: “Warning. It is not possible to identify the currency of the destination account as MLC. Check the specified account or if you want to continue to confirm the operation». You should press REVIEW or CONFIRM, as appropriate.

InZone: “Warning. This operation will be irreversible. Do you want to transfer 1.00 USD from the card (7382) to a card in CUP applying the current exchange rate? In this case, you must select CANCEL or ACCEPT, as appropriate.

Cashier screen: “Alert. Card in MLC. Depending on your operation, the current exchange rate is applied. Are you sure you wish to continue?” Here you must choose between CANCEL or CONTINUE.

Some Facebook users have celebrated the measure adopted by REDSA.

In the context of the computerization of society, there are still many clients of Cuban banks that are not adapted to this type of operation.

Their mistakes entail a loss of money because, unintentionally, they transfer to cards in Cuban pesos, applying an exchange rate of 1×24.

In the informal market, the exchange rate of the dollar against the Cuban peso remains around 1×100.