Air Azure plane flying from Varadero to Moscow collides with birds

HAVANA, Sept. 25th One of the planes of the Russian airline, Azur Air, was severely damaged during take-off from the Cuban airport of Varadero.

As the machine was moving and accelerating before takeoff, two large fireballs were emitted from the plane’s engine one after the other.

The Boeing 767 was instantly rotated. The event was recorded by a Russian tourist who was supposed to travel to Moscow.

However, this was not the end of the passengers’ “adventures”. A tire burst during emergency braking on the plane. The trip was immediately terminated.

The mechanics and airport authorities took care of the matter immediately. The reason for this failure was supposed to be … a bird that was sucked up by the rotor during its acceleration, before starting the machine.

This was what was supposed to cause internal damage to the engine and set off a fireball.

“The pilot of the machine decided to abort the take-off and the plane returned safely to the airport parking lot,” a spokesman for the Russian airline, Azur Air, said.

No one was injured in the accident, but the damage was so severe that the machine was unfit for further flight. A replacement plane was sent to the site, which was later transported only waiting for tourists. ( )