Again an explosion in a Havana Hotel

Again an explosion in a Havana Hotel

HAVANA, 13 feb. An explosion occurred this Monday at 10:40 a.m. at the Caribbean hotel, located in Prado, between Colón and Refugio, in Old Havana.So far, one injured person has been reported, who is already receiving care at the General Calixto García university hospital.

The explosion occurred in an out-of-order room located on the fifth floor of the building, where there were no customers and they were working on decoration and setting, Carlos Manuel Cabanes, director of the Islazul Habana branch, said.

“An explosion occurs when one of the workers of the MSME – who carried out the maintenance tasks – accesses the interior of the room. Actions are taken immediately.

There were no customers on that floor. Subsequently, the electricity was cut off and the personnel was evacuated for safety reasons,” explained the director of that hotel chain, owner of the 38-room property.

Our journalist Thalía Fuentes Puebla reports that government authorities, the Fire Department, Public Health, and the National Revolutionary Police are present at the site.

Cabanes reported that specialists from Cupet, the Fire Protection Agency, among other entities, are investigating the causes.

“The hotel did not suffer any type of affectation in its vital system and as soon as we have the confirmation of the colleagues, we will rejoin the planned activities,” he commented.

At the beginning of May 2022, a gas leak caused a gigantic explosion at the Saratoga Hotel very close to the area of the explosion this February.