Amigos de Partagás se reunirán nuevamente en La Habana

HAVANA, Oct 23 (PL) Cuban tobacco industry spokespersons reported today that 350 people from 20 countries gathered in this capital from November 12 to 16, attracted by the Partagás cigar brand.

These people will participate in the XXXI International Meeting of Clients and Friends of Casa Partagás, as it was announced on Tuesday by the director of that establishment, Quinones Greece.
During that week they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the opening of this installation where Premium Cuban tobacco and other products of the island are promoted, such as rum and coffee.

Quinones announced that cigar lovers have already confirmed their attendance in Germany, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Grace, Cayman Islands, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Chile, France, United, Sweden, and the host country.

This new appointment has a special connotation, because in recent days, in a Marketing Workshop of the international corporation Habanos SA, celebrated here, the House received a special recognition for being the best sales of the franchise of that name (La Casa del Cigar).

This network covers the entire world with 140 spaces dedicated to the sale of the most outstanding Cuban cigars, said the executive.

The November meeting is organized by the Commercial Business Group of Tiendas Caracol S.A., and will have an extensive program of tastings and visits to places of interest in this country.

As a welcome, smokers will have a meeting at the Sierra Maestra restaurant on the 25th floor of the emblematic hotel Habana Libre Tryp, and during those days they will share with renowned musicians of this archipelago.

In addition, they include in the program a Field Day, and a Crucero del Sol, always with cigar tastings.

Belonging to the Commercial Business Group of Caracol Stores S.A., Partagas House was already visited by celebrities of culture, politics and business, both from Cuba and the world, including the American filmmaker Steven Spielberg (in 2002).

Inaugurated in 1991, the Casa de Habanos Partagás has a long history, starting with the creation of that brand in 1845 by the Spaniard Jaime Partagás.

The House is located precisely in the same building where the path of that cigar brand began, behind the Capitol of Havana.