Activists collect signatures for a law against animal abuse in Cuba

 Cuban Association for the Defense of Animals HAVANA, May 15 The Cuban Association for the Defense of Animals (CeDA) gathered on Saturday, May 13, signatures to demand a law for the protection of animals in Cuba, driven mainly by the unfortunate event that occurred in early May in the Cuban town of Manzanillo, where two individuals burned alive a puppy that later died of burns.

The promoters of the initiative denounced, for their part, that this event is not an isolated case in Cuba, where there are frequent occurrences that threaten the lives of animals such as cock-or dogfighting. Cuban Association for the Defense of Animals

“We can not allow acts like this to go unpunished.” This was NOT an isolated case.In the last few years dogs or cats with burns and serious injuries inflicted by humans who have been aided by protectors have been dog fights. Are a sad phenomenon that proliferate in the underworld of Cuban society.
Cats and dogs are beheaded and crucified in parks like the case of June of 2016 in the Park of the Pipes, Hill. These and other acts of savagery and cruelty are repeated again and again in our country because there is no law or regulation to prevent or punish it, “said the Facebook call of the association to participate in the necessary initiative.

Unfortunately, events like these are not often news or debate in the official Cuban media. Neither exist laws that allow their perpetrators to be condemned by their so despicable acts.