According to Globalair, accident in Cuba was due to a “human failure” of pilots

According to Globalair, accident in Cuba was due to a "human failure" of pilots HAVANA, July 16th. EFE) Mexican airline Global Air, owner of the plane crashed May 18 in Havana, said today that the accident was due to a “human failure” of the pilots, who took off with “an angle of very sharp rise “, and described as” illegal “the suspension of activities of the company.

Manuel Rodríguez, general manager of Global Air, explained in a statement that the investigations of the Cuban authorities “reveal that the crew took off the aircraft with a very steep angle of ascent, creating a lack of lift that resulted in the collapse of the aircraft. “, leaving 112 dead.

In the same message, Rodriguez accused the Mexican authorities of having suspended the activities of his company after the accident in an “illegal” manner and motivated by the “incompetence and bad faith” of four officials and two former workers.

A former pilot and an ex-employee of the company denounced in various media, including Efe, that the incident “was something announced” due to the “absolutely unsafe conditions” in which the company was flying.

“Subsequent to these statements, the aeronautical authority ordered to suspend the activities of the company without knowing the causes of the accident, but with the histrionic and media statements of the two former employees, possibly seeking a hidden benefit,” he said.

The director of the company said that the suspension and the extraordinary technical review carried out by the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics after the incident “were made illegally” under “flagrant violations of the legal framework.”

“The aeronautical authority has serious shortcomings of personnel, without experience or work under slogan to find alleged irregularities and thereby support their illegal proceeding,” he complained.

The management of Global Air was marked by a large opacity both before and after the accident, since the company refused to give statements to the media and had no website or active social networks.

The Cuban Mailén Díaz Almaguer, the only survivor of the plane crash, is stable and responds favorably to treatment, although her condition is “critical” due to respiratory affections, a medical report said on July 4.

The aircraft, owned by Global Air and operated by Cubana de Aviación, covered the national route between Havana and Holguín, a province almost 700 kilometers from the capital where 67 of the 112 victims resided.