A van for Aniplant Havana!

 havana-live-aniplant-vanHAVANA, 5 May  Aniplant in Cuba is in desperate need of a van equipped with medical devices in order to travel around the city and country.

The Aniplant Project, located in Osprey, Florida, is Aniplant’s main source of funding. Aniplant’s weekend sterilization clinics move through Havana’s many neighborhoods offering spaying and neutering to cats and dogs on a love offering basis. If one has no money to pay, the service is free.

Thousands of animals have been helped by these clinics in recent years. Please help us reduce the number of homeless Cuban animals who are abandoned to the streets where they are picked up by teams, taken to a facility, held for 3 days, and then poisoned with strychnine. This is a horrible way to die!

We have a magnanimous donor who is providing $11,000 toward the purchase of a van, and we have added $5,000.  We need at least another $5,000 in order to make this dream a reality.  $3, $5, or any amount will help!!

Please forward this to friends and relatives who may be inclined to help us. havana-live-street-dog

Here is a link to our Go Fund Me page:


Also see Les Inglis’ blog at: HelpingCubanAnimals.blogspot.com

The Aniplant ProjectP.O. Box 451
Osprey, FL 34229