A scoop of ice cream for 195 pesos?

A scoop of ice cream for 195 pesos?

HAVANA, Oct. 7  One of the most popular places among Havana residents was the BimBom ice cream parlor, located on Calle Infanta and 23, very close to the Malecón.The one we learned about will reopen its doors soon under private management but be careful with the prices.

The space has been closed for more than a year, and before officially opening its doors, it carried out a test with a sales cart under an umbrella at the entrance of the premises.

14ymedio says that several came interested in buying, but when they saw that a wafer with a single scoop of artisanal ice cream cost 195 CUP pesos, they were impressed.

Bueníssimo Sodería Gourmet, as the place will be called after several months of repairs, will resume its services at the end of the month.

This space, from its beginnings, was a destination with a lot of demand, both for young people and families with children, not only because of its variety of flavors but also because of its position.

Years after its opening, the store closed. It was not until 2020 that the Cimex Corporation took over and began offering ice cream with raw materials imported from Italy.

However, its services were paralyzed last year, when the ice machine broke down.