A replica of Starbucks “Cuban style” opens in Havana

Abren en La Habana un replica de Starbucks "Al estilo cubano"

HAVANA, Jan. 17th. A Cuban shared on his social networks the opening of a new gastronomic business in Havana that imitates the style of the well-known Starbucks coffee shops, an American chain with a global presence.

The Starcafé, located in Old Havana, offers products at high prices, generating surprise among customers.

Jonixdose visited the Starcafé and paid more than 2,300 pesos for two frappuccinos, a luxury for the majority of the Cuban population.

He intended to experience the feeling of being in an original Starbucks, drinking coffee in a plastic cup with absorbent and his name written on it.

The YouTuber detailed the prices of other products offered by Starcafé, which range from 250 pesos for an espresso coffee to 2,100 pesos for a breakfast that includes a croissant with Nutella or ham and cheese, juice, coffee and yogurt with cereals.

These prices have generated surprise and criticism, considering that the minimum wage in Cuba is 2,100 pesos, according to the 2021 monetary regulation.

The Starcafé, which opened in October, has a logo almost identical to that of Starbucks, with the difference that the mermaid wears a party hat and maracas instead of a crown.

The establishment, located on Compostela Street between Chacón and Cuarteles, is promoted on social networks as a customer favorite, highlighting its “quality/price/service ratio.”

Despite the similarities with Starbucks, the economic reality in Cuba makes prices inaccessible to the majority of the population, who receive their salaries in CUP instead of currencies such as the Dollar or Euro.