A quarter of the Cuban’s smoke

havana-live-smokeHAVANA, August 16   24 percent of Cubans over 15 years actively smoke and more than 50 percent of the population is today exposed to tobacco smokes, revealed a medical source to the National News Agency.

These data are the results of the third survey of risk factors that included more than nine million people of Cuba, noted Patricia Varona, coordinator of the Special Working Group on Lung Cancer, of the Public Health Ministry.
The survey, noted Varona, showed that 16 percent of Cuban women actively smoke, that is, two out of 10 females over 15 years, while 31 percent of men (three in 10) has this harmful habit.
He noted that the largest number of addicted to tobacco is between 40 and 50 years, while university students are less addicted to cigarette or cigar and the average age to start smoking is 17 years.
Tobacco consumption is responsible for the death of 1,500 Cubans a year from lung cancer, 80 percent of the annual deaths in Cuba for that ailment or ischemic heart disease, Varona pointed out.
This harmful habit also causes cancer of the pharynx, larynx, esophagus, bladder, urinary and biliary tract, pancreas, kidney, stomach, liver and cervix, just to mention some, added the specialist at the National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology.(Prensa Latina)