La iniciativa privada en Cuba entrega comida gratuita a aquellos que lo perdieron casi todo

HAVANA, Jan. 31 (DDC) Several private businesses have decided to go to the streets of Havana affected by the tornado last Sunday to deliver humanitarian aid, especially food, to those affected by the weather .

Workers of the popular restaurant La Guarida, in Centro Habana, have not only distributed water and food for free, they have also provided electricity to one of the devastated streets.

“I am proud of my team that on their rest day decided to help out people in need, thanks to Joel and the team of Azukkar who was also with us, to Akel our butcher, who lent his house only 50 meters away from the devastated area to improvise a post and allow us to distribute water and food, as well as install the plant to bring electricity to the neighbors of the block, “said Enrique Núñez del Valle, general manager of the restaurant on his Facebook profile.

D ‘La Abuela, another private initiative, has also been in charge of distributing food with the help of people who have volunteered after making a call on their social networks.

“‘The Orange’ call our team when they see us through the streets of the municipalities in disgrace distributing food every day. Thanks to all the people who have called us for their support, to those who have come with their car to help us bring food, to those who come to our kitchen leaving what they can. We continue and we do not stop. Hopefully we can help more people, but little by little we are achieving more and more and more help is added, “he announced.

The team requested assistance for transportation.

“In our attempt to help so many people who need it, we do not have enough with our transportation and especially for space, we are stopping carrying more food in the day for this problem. If there are people who can help us with transportation at least one hour a day, it would be very helpful. Call 72022806. Do not reach the bikes for the volume that is needed. We’re still in the fight! Help us to help!

El Laurel restaurant, from Playa (5th Ave # 2602 between 260 and 262), made a call for the collection of clothes and products of first necessity.

“Hello everyone, we hope you take the issue with due seriousness, we are offering our sincere help to the people who need us, if they want to help we can organize ourselves in the following way. People of Santa Fe, Jaimanitas or nearby areas … If they have clothes and products of first needs to donate for the victims “.

The restaurant would be responsible for delivering them this Thursday.

Private initiatives contrast with the government’s decision to sell cooked food at “affordable” prices in areas devastated by the tornado. The networks exploded this week after the announcement of the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, about it.

The Clandestina clothing store had two other initiatives organized for Friday and Saturday.

“Friends, if you can donate something for the victims of the tornado, and want to bring it to Clandestina, on Friday we will take everything to the Cuban Art Factory. On Saturday we will go to Regla, together with La Marca, to support in everything we can! “He wrote on his Facebook profile.

The tornado on Sunday hit east Havana for 16 minutes, with gusts of wind of up to 300 kilometers per hour and a level F4 – devastating damage – on the Fujita scale (maximum of 6).

The most affected municipalities were Regla, Guanabacoa, San Miguel del Padrón, Ten de Octubre and Habana del Este, where 1,238 affected houses were counted, of them 347 with total landslides of walls and ceilings, according to official Cuban statistics.