A palm-shaped antenna for cellular service is installed

A palm-shaped antenna for cellular service is installed

HAVANA, February 23. An artificial palm will be the support for a new radio base that aims to improve cellular service in the area of the Monte Barreto Ecological Park, in Playa.Through the Facebook profile of the state media Cubadebate, the end of the installation of “the beautiful Artificial Palm” in the Ecological Park that will house the new radio base was announced.

According to the small note, the palm will house a modern radio base that will expand the cellular signal and improve coverage throughout the park and its surroundings.

“This initiative seeks to meet the growing demand for communication and ensure a seamless experience in terms of phone calls, Internet access and other mobile functions,” the text concludes.

The news has sparked some comments, mostly related to the connection problems currently being experienced on the island, as well as some other real problems that Cuban society is going through.

“Cuba is advancing and that hurts them… it’s just that I get bristled,” wrote a Cuban. Meanwhile, another user stressed: “Miramar area. The signal is fatal throughout Cuba.

“Just yesterday it was impossible and the first place they put that base station is in Miramar where the signal is not as bad as in other places.”

For her part, another Cuban commented that the inhabitants of the town of Cuatro Camino, in the Cotorro municipality, were satisfied with having the antenna they have fixed.

“We don’t need a palm or a cactus, we just need them to pay attention to us and fix our antenna that we are also part of the history of this country,” the user continued on Facebook.

To conclude, another comment that draws attention is from this Internet user, who assures that “what is needed is to guarantee quality, not beauty.”

Several days ago, the Cuban Telecommunications Company S.A (ETECSA) reported some damage that could exist in cell phone and internet networks due to repairs.

Despite the work that the state company claims to be carrying out, the testimonies of many mobile phone users on the island show that the improvement of the service continues to face problems in almost all regions.