A man have been alleged sexual assault in a Havana church

A man have been alleged sexual assault in a Havana church

HAVANA, Jan. 5th.  The Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the capital’s Vedado, reported on social networks an alleged sexual assault committed by a man during a mass. According to the publication, the man would have shown his genitals while he was sitting on a bench next to some girls who attended mass on December 31.

“What happened during mass today: a man sitting on the same bench (they tell me now), where some girls were, showed his genitals to them,” denounces the parish post.

According to what he says, the older people found out later when they were in the parish parking lot, and they went in search of the man who was in the park, and he fled.

The images that accompany the text show the person who committed the act but does not offer many details since they were taken with the subject on his back. However, Internet users indicated that not only the face helps to identify the subject because if he frequents the neighborhood he can be found.

Among the comments on the publication, some suggested checking the nearby cameras to identify the man. They also indicated that a formal complaint could be filed with the police so that they could take action on the matter.

“Parks are shelters for this type of scourge, some are dark and others are very desolate, that is why the family and the elderly should not neglect the children when they are healthy in their fun,” wrote an Internet user in response to the publication.

The incident in the church has no recent precedents, but in mid-March of last year, other Cubans reported similar behavior by a man in Cárdenas, Matanzas, who in front of a junior high school showed his genitals in broad daylight.

Meanwhile, the current Penal Code, in its article 95.1, indicates that the crime of sexual assault includes sanctions of deprivation of liberty of between eight years and up to 30, but indicates that it occurs when someone “using force, violence or intimidation, has carnal access with another person, whether orally, anal or vaginally, incurs a penalty of deprivation of liberty for seven to fifteen years.”

On the other hand, the crime of sexual abuse contemplates less time of deprivation of liberty but does coincide with the description of what happened in the church, described as exhibitions or sexual acts that should only occur in privacy. The penalty is greater if committed against minors.