About 70 International Companies Present at Oil Summit in Havana

HAVANA, Feb 8 (PL) Cuba Oil & Gas 2017 Summit was inaugurated today with the participation of about 70 oil and gas executives from 15 nations, including Russia, China, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

During the meeting, a great number of opportunities for foreign investment in the Cuban hydrocarbon industry, exploration and production projects, and the petrochemical and refining market were known, the Business Development Director of the International Research Networks (IRN) and the organizer of the event Paola Galanti stated.

Cuba-Petroleo Union (CUPET in Spanish), government representatives, operators and key service providers will be exhibiting for two days useful papers on why it is the right time to invest in Cuba, he added.

The Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, Rubén Cid, upon presenting a summary of the main strategies of the national energy industry, stressed that it attaches too much importance to both all sources and their rational use for energy independence.

CUPET Deputy General Manager, Roberto Suárez, informed that this entity has signed over 42 contracts with diferent companies.