54,000 laying hens are slaughtered in Cuba

54,000 laying hens are slaughtered in Cuba

HAVANA, June 11  The Holguín Poultry Company (Avihol) would have decided to sacrifice at least 54,000 laying hens due to the impossibility of feeding them.“They sacrifice them because, according to the management of the province’s Poultry Company (Avihol), there is no food in Holguín,” a worker linked to the company told the 14yMedio portal under condition of anonymity.

The source specified that the slaughter began several weeks ago, but had to be suspended when the production line of the slaughterhouse, located in San Rafael Adentro, at kilometer five and a half of the highway to Mayarí, was broken. However, the damaged parts have already been replaced and the plan has been resumed.

The most serious thing is that “there is no replacement, that is, they are being sacrificed without having the replacement hen,” the source said.

The evolution of Avihol has been that of many other state companies in Cuba, falling from grace after going through periods of relative splendor.

In the specific case of this company, in just four years it has gone from having about 426,000 eggs per day and 152.6 million lays annually to the sacrifice of birds due to lack of food.

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“The company not only exceeded egg production and supplied the province, but also provided service to Santiago de Cuba and Las Tunas, earning praise from former first vice president José Ramón Machado Ventura in February 2020,” he points out 14yMedio.

The aforementioned source revealed that in May 2023 Jorge Romero, director of the company, recognized that the crisis with feed demanded urgent measures.

“The current financial situation does not allow us to acquire resources to maintain the conditions that the ships need, and many units have deteriorated, which hurts the production of this line,” he said then.

Last year, egg production in Cuba was reduced by 50% compared to 2019, when there were twice as many laying hens on the island.

The official press has admitted that the decrease is fundamentally due to the lack of financing for the purchase of feed.

In the crises in egg production in Cuba, the island’s government has turned to Colombia.

The South American nation estimates that it will export 40 million eggs to Cuba this year, of which 7 million have already arrived to shore up the depressed national production.

At the end of 2024, the Minister of Agriculture, Ydael Pérez Brito, reported that egg production in Cuba has decreased from five million a day in 2020 to 2.2 million in 2023.