Over 50 US Wrestlers to Attend Havana Tournament

havana-live--wrestler1More than 50 US wrestlers are expected to take part in the Cuban tournament Cerro Pelado-Granma, to be held at Havana”s Sport City on Feb. 12 – 15, announced Julio Mendieta the host team head coach. In remarks to Cuban News Agency (AIN), Mendieta revealed an expected large presence by US athletes, many of them of high quality, to guarantee more rivalry in the competition.
He added that Canada and Germany will bring more than 10 wrestlers each, expected to be tough rivals to the Cubans due to their frequent participation in international competitions.
Regarding the Cuban team fitness, he said they have trained well and will go for the highest number of medals possible. Some 20 Cuban wrestlers will compete in the free style in this traditional tournament.
Mendieta referred to main figures in every division, including Alednier Hernandez (57 kg), whom he described as a young, talented, very promising wrestler. He also cited Yowlys Bonne (61 kg), Geandri Garzon (70), Reineris Salas (86) and Javier Cortina (97).
He said the 74 kg category may be not so strong. It includes Reinier Perez and Esteban Quintana, who will try to make up for injured Livan Lopez.
After the Cerro Pelado-Granma tournament, Cuba will form the team that will travel to Puerto Rico on Apr. 3 – 7 to try grab six places for the Central American and Caribbean Games to be held in Veracruz, Mexico, on Nov. 14 – 30.