50% of people in Cuba suffers from asthma

50% of people in Cuba suffers from asthma
HAVANA, Oct 11 (PL) Asthma is today a major health problem in Cuba, where one in two people suffers from this chronic disease, common in children and adolescents.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the President of the Organizing Committee of the X National Congress of Allergology, Cuba Allergy 2019, Mirta Álvarez, noted that asthma is a frequent disease that continues to be difficult to diagnose, especially in early childhood.

Álvarez also stressed that this condition is characterized by bronchial airflow obstruction, usually due to an allergic inflammatory process, in which inhalant allergens such as house dust mites, environment fungi (anemophily) and food allergens are among the most frequent causes in patients.

However, she clarified that other non-specific factors are also involved, such as tobacco smoke, chemicals, respiratory infections and climate change, which play an important role in causing asthma crises in the country and the region.

For this reason, the specialist ratified, in Cuba we provide special care for asthma patients, especially in severe cases, which affects 50,000 people in the country, some requiring further treatment.

“There are centers for asthma care in all health institutions, offering multidisciplinary care because in the assessment of cases other specialties such as pulmonology and psychology participate, as a comprehensive evaluation of each patient is made.”

Asthma is a chronic disease that currently affects about 235 million people in the world, and the issue has focused on the scientific debates of the VI Ibero-American Meeting and X National Congress of Allergology, Cuba Allergy 2019, which concluded today in this capital.