41st International Tourism Fair of Cuba Starts in Havana

41st International Tourism Fair of Cuba Starts in Havana

HAVANA, 2 mai On Monday, the Morro-Cabana Historic Military Park in Havana hosted the inauguration of the 41st International Tourism Fair of Cuba.From Monday until Friday, 573 tour operators from various parts of the globe are set to participate in the event.

During the event, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero declared that the tourism sector plays a pivotal role in fostering the island’s economic revival.

“Participating in the development of Cuban tourism is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of our people,” he said, adding that Cuba can overcome challenges no matter how big they might be.

The Minister of Tourism in Cuba, Juan Carlos Garcia Granda, expressed his anticipation that the event would prove to be a valuable and informative experience, allowing for the discovery of novel business prospects.

In the year 2022, Cuba’s tourist industry experienced an influx of approximately 1.7 million visitors, which falls short of the government’s initial forecast of 2.5 million international tourists.

According to official sources, the Cuban government anticipates 3.5 million visitors to its shores throughout the year. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the island nation was host to approximately four million tourists on an annual basis.