HAVANA, Nov. 29th (IPS) Eloína Estupinan, 67, retired, is concerned about the announced monetary reorganization in Cuba. It’s billed as a necessary and complex process with an impact in all spheres of life on the island. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 28th  (Reuters) – A rare public protest in Cuba of more than 300 artists, activists and members of the public outside the culture ministry to denounce repression Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 28th (Reuters)   More than 150 people staked out Cuba’s culture ministry on Friday to show solidarity with dissident artists facing a state crackdown, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 28th Of the 35 new infections of the SARS-CoV-2 virus identified in Cuba, 28 were imported, as explained today by Dr. Francisco Durán, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 26th (AFP) From Argentina to Naples, Diego Maradona’s death has been mourned by football fans around the world, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 26th Leonel Linares is a gay Cuban man. He has attended many masses and other church services in his life, but never felt comfortable when he was there. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 26th Stirred by breathless warnings of a socialist menace, Cuban Americans turned out for President Trump in massive numbers. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 25th. Authorities in Sicily have asked Cuba’s government to send about 60 healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 25th (Reuters) Former Reuters Cuba correspondent Andrew Cawthorne recalls taking the field with Diego Maradona, who died on Wednesday, in this Reuters story from 2004. Read more

HAVANA, Nov 234( PL) The Hemingway Marina on Monday announced its reopening for foreign recreational boats and the implementation of strict health measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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HAVANA, Nov. 24th The state-owned Caribbean Airlines (CAL) on Monday announced that it had started a weekly flight between Guyana and Cuba, Read more

HAVANA,    (AP)   Western Union closed its 407 locations across Cuba on Monday, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 23  Chinese descendant Ramon Ramirez Li, 36, is a member of Nivel 4 Studio, a Havana-based architecture startup Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 23th In Cuba, the search for basic goods such as nails or toilet paper can mean queueing for several hours at a store. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 22th (AP) Renowned Cuban musicians are turning to the Internet or seeking other jobs to survive a pandemic that has closed bars, clubs, Read more

HAVANA, Nov.20th  The Cuban-British joint venture BioFarma Innovations made its formal debut in the United Kingdom during an online seminar Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 20  Effective December 10, 2020, Blue Diamond Resorts will commence operations of Starfish Cayo Guillermo in Cuba. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 21th (AFP) Cuba is reopening its doors to foreign tourists after an eight-month shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, Read more

HAVANA, Nov . 23th  After this weekend, Americans will no longer be able to transfer money to Cuba via Western Union. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 21th  As Western Union closes down operations in Cuba and Havana Airport is now open, “mules” are back in the skies. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 20   After months of staying indoors, Havana resident Mireya Ruiz is eager to return to the cinema during Havana’s upcoming 42nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema. Read more

HAVANA, Nov 20  Air traffic increased in Cuba in the last few weeks when the country’s airports reopened operations, although they are currently at 40% compared to 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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HAVANA, Nov. 20 (Xinhua)   Eduardo Hernandez works as a gardener at Havana’s Chinese cemetery located at the very heart of the country’s capital. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 19th  THOUSANDS of people across Britain and beyond have called for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to Cuba’s International Medical Brigades Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 19th (Reuters) Cuba plans to convert most state-run eateries into cooperatives and private-run businesses in the coming months Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 19th The number of new infections in Cuba due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus rose to 37 after processing 7,895 samples, Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 19th  (Reuters)  The U.S. Transportation Department said on Wednesday it is denying exemptions for two charter flight companies to deliver humanitarian cargo to Cuba, the latest crackdown by the Trump administration. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 17th Airbnb Inc. said it voluntarily disclosed to the Treasury Department its compliance efforts and certain user activity on its platform that may have been at odds with the requirements of U.S. sanctions laws. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 17th  SpaceX is now serving customers in the northern United States. Read more