20-year anniversary of Arte y Moda in Havana

HAVANA, Nov. 5th  Arte y Moda will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary from November 8th to November 13th, 2016. The venue as usual will be the National Museum of Fine Arts in La Habana.

The top fashion designers of theCuba will take over the night showing us their original works. Using recycled and unconventional materials, the artists collaborate to create extreme limits full of art, passion and imagination showing the ample gamut of contemporary artistic expressions.

Staying true to its’ nature this project every year is updated never losing its essence; the dialogue between art and design of garments. This years’ event will consist of the best designs of the past 20 years. The catch is that all of them will be altered and improved, making it a whole new spectacle.

What is Arte y Moda?
Art and Fashion Extreme Costumes has for its subject the design and creation of costumes using materials and extreme resources, resulting in the production of a costume with artistic value and a broad sense of experimentation; using premium materials from various sources, among which you can find genres and textiles, industrial recycled products, natural resources, and others left to the ingenuity and search of the creators.

The designers are inspired by a plastic play. Whether it is painting, photography, or sculpture the designers utilize the materials in a way that its application results in a novel experiment. The beat on the stage or fashion show links dancing, music, and body language that provide a spectacle of light and color that identifies with the Cuban national spirit.

unbenanntJulia Poteat
(Professor at the Parsons New School for Design in New York) will be returning between the guest and lecturers. Her creations have graced the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Shows and have been exhibited in the New York City flagship store.

Sara Caron French photographer and journalist  will speak and open her new photography collection. Based on the designs for this year’s event she consolidates a fluent dialogue between the form, color and rhythm of every piece that is constant and unstoppable



unbenanntLucy Slivinsky  world recognize Chicago artist and MFA holder  will present “Work in progress. From Art to Design” her latest sculptural works exploring the relation between art, found objects and fashion.