El Floridita, cradle of the daiquiri, will open a franchise in Mexico

El Floridita, cradle of the daiquiri, will open a franchise in MexicoHAVANA, Jan. 30th  A replica of the bicentennial bar and Cuban restaurant “El Floridita” will open its doors in Mexico in the first half of the year, following the signing this Monday in Havana of a contract that grants the first franchise to reproduce the emblematic establishment in the Aztec capital.

The Cuban company Palmares and Grupo M, of Mexico, agreed to the creation of El Floridita in a central location, located about two kilometers from the popular Basilica of Guadalupe, in Mexico City, according to a report from the state-owned ACN.

The director of the Palmares franchise, Angel Fernandez, explained that the objective of the agreement is to make the replica “authentically” Cuban and to that end the staff that will serve in the new Floridita will be chefs, chefs, baristas and maîtres de la island or formed by them in Havana.

“We want to see, feel and smell of Cuba in a hundred percent and keep its flavor in every way, said the owner of Group M, Eduardo Gómez.

The Mexican businessman said that the idea is to “replicate” the bar based in Old Havana since 1817 with similar furniture, design, colors, façade and decorations in the new facility.

El Floridita, cradle of the famous daiquiri, is one of the most visited gastronomic facilities by tourists in the Cuban capital.

That cocktail – a combination of rum, lemon juice, sugar, breaded ice and a few drops of maraschino liquor – was one of the favorites of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, immortalized in a bronze statue resting on a corner of the bar.

Its managers account for the reception of some 250,000 annual clients, mostly Americans visiting the Caribbean country.

The Palmares group has more than a dozen other franchises of its renowned bars and restaurants such as Bodeguita del Medio, famous for the mojitos that also delighted Hemingway, or Gato Tuerto, replicated in various countries, including Mexico.