ATMs in José Marti airport change USD, CDN and Euro in CUC

 ATMs in José Marti airport change USD and CDN in CUCHAVANA, Dec. 28 (ACN) Two ATMs, which allow the exchange of the US dollar, the Canadian dollar and euro to convertible pesos (CUC), have been operating since last September in Terminal III of the José Martí International Airport in Havana .

Alberto Quiñones, general director of Information Services of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC), announced to the press that in early 2018 they plan to incorporate four more teams, two of them in that capital’s own facility, the main gateway to Cuba.

He explained that currently it is evaluated where the others will be located, although it will always be in some of the points of greatest access for tourists such as the cruise terminal, at the moment of boom in the arrival of visitors to this Caribbean destination.

According to Quinones, these multifunction ATMs dispense money in banknotes and also fractionally, a novel possibility that is introduced into the country.
Its expansion will depend on how its potential is exploited, said the specialist, while stressing that so far the results have been positive.

He pointed out that for his use the client must use the passport or the new identity card, in case of being Cuban. Quiñones underscored that another of the novelties was the incorporation in Havana of seven recycling cashiers, whose main function is the deposit of cash in Cuban pesos (CUP), and said that work is being done to allow this operation also in CUC.

There are currently 920 ATMs distributed throughout the provinces, and Havana has the largest number with 527; while there are three million 800 thousand magnetic cards.
Orestes Perdomo, technical director of the BCC, explained that last October the platform that controls these teams was renewed, a process that is carried out every five years in order to guarantee its growth and stability.

He asserted that, in turn, a new system for the management of the ATM network is deployed, which allows the entities involved to know in real time the status of said automatic devices.