Superproduction “El Mayor” will be shot in Camagüey from January

HAVANA, Dec. 26th Not only the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), but also the Ministry of Culture, the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the authorities of Camagüey combine resources and intentions to make this film whose filming begins in that province in January.

Remembered especially for the excellent documentary I am the son to the sauce and the also notable short fiction film The loneliness of the head of the office, Rigoberto López has also made the feature films Odor Oak and Prohibited Flights, both concentrated in stories of love. The Major also exalts the romantic relationship with Amalia Simoni, a role for which they have not yet found an actress.

In declarations to Cubadebate, Rigoberto López explained that this “will be a big, complex film, what is called an overproduction”. The film will deal with the epic aspect of Agramonte’s life and his involvement in the war of Independence, which cost him his life.

While the film focuses on the final stage of El Mayor’s life in military campaigns, Rigoberto López explained that in the recreation of the battles the Cuban army will collaborate, and there will be up to 600 characters involved in the plot. In addition, for the filming, churches, squares and important historical sites will be used as the birthplace of Agramonte, now a museum.

“It’s fiction, but it’s Ignacio’s life, from childhood to his death, touching everything that was transcendent in his life and therefore for history, from the paradigmatic love with Amalia, to the contradictions with Céspedes.” Agramonte went to war with 27 years, newly married, and died in combat with 32.

Born into a rich family of Spanish roots, Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz, he became a lawyer in Spain, then rebelled against the Spanish crown, as a politician and military leader, He died in combat on May 11, 1873, in the pastures of Jimaguayú, town of his native Camagüey. The film production forms the agenda of activities in homage to the 145th anniversary of the fall in combat of El Mayor.

El Mayor has a script co-written by López with the award-winning playwright Eugenio Hernández Espinosa (María Antonia, Mi socio Manolo), with the advice of the writer and screenwriter of film, radio and television, Eliseo Altunaga; the direction of photography is Ángel Alderete, and the soundtrack will be provided by specialist José María Vitier along with Silvio Rodríguez.