The authorities are trying to rescue the state gastronomy

 The authorities are trying to rescue the state gastronomyHAVANA, 9 Dec. The Cuban authorities are trying to rescue the state gastronomy and for the moment they have reopened, according to Juventud Rebelde, 102 coffee shops, restaurants or state ice cream shops in Havana that have been closed for years or without offer.

This is the case of the Cinecittá restaurant, 23, with capacity for 84 diners. After years of decline, Lasagna and cannelloni now offer 25 Cuban pesos and pizzas of shrimp or beef to 20 pesos. The star drink is the Coracán soft drink, which costs a Cuban peso.

But it is not the only restaurant resurrected. The Seven Seas (in front of the Quijote park), El Cochinito, the Monaco, the Montecatini pizzeria, the Pío Pío de L, Doña Rossina, Trastevere, La Tarraya and El Bosque have all been recovered. Also the well-known ice cream Ward, of Santa Catalina. Everyone has a new life, but the same problem as always: a slow and reluctant service.

It is recognized by Guillermo Acosta, administrator of the Ward who, since he reopened a year ago, receives every day some 2,000 clients, who never leave satisfied. For the revival they changed the plastic utensils for other glass, fixed the ceilings and premiered furniture, but they did not think about the main thing: the service.

“The staff that works here is very young, almost all of them are students or recent graduates of the Gastronomy Ramón Paz and René Ramos schools, so our center functions as the second school and it is the responsibility of the directors, to demand the education standards and quality of service that the client deserves. “

To this we must add that there is almost never chocolate ice cream. Most of the time you have to choose between two and five flavors. “The one that most troubles us is chocolate, because production is minimal compared to demand, and Coppelia out of 23 is prioritized.

The candy provides them, two or three times a week, the Provincial Food Company so we can offer the population more than ten stable specialties, “he told the official newspaper.

The idea of ​​the Cuban authorities is to continue reopening old gastronomic glories of the State between 2018 and 2019.