The magic of the end of the month

HAVANA, Nov 25 (HL Magazine) By: Isely Ravelo Rojas Photo: Eduardo García
My mother is a Chemical Engineer and maybe part of the experiments she did in her student life are reused today but … to see if her salary lasts until the end of the month.

She has a garlic  in her wallet because she says that attracts money. The popular wisdom of the Cuban is ingenious, I think. Just in case … I have a tooth of seasoning in the bag. With the “stipend” (so I say to my salary of 345 pesos in national currency) even I have to experiment with chemistry and witchcraft.

Something important, when I speak of magic I mean that ability to achieve subsistence
individual for thirty days approximately, with 345 pesos. This interpretation of magic
It is very different from the definition that could be made of the term “resolve” if we communicate in Cuban and Cuban.

I try to divide my three hundred and something in a very rational way: transport, the payment of the telephone of my house, an aid to the family economy and nothing of luxuries. However, at the end of the second week working, my salary remains a ridiculous figure, at the best. Understand, that month in which I am strictly thrifty.

Fortunately or unfortunately (rather the second) I have the consolation of not being the only Cuban in this situation. As if it were a plague, most practice everyday occultism because, as my father would say, necessity compels when there is a lack of the “necessary curse” Don dinero.

People manage all the time in an irreconcilable struggle between the prices of the first items need (toilet, food etc.) and a symbolic monthly salary. As you can imagine, the list does not play with the ticket. However, there is always a solution, a strategy: be a magician.

The best thing about this profession is that it is not necessary to go to school to practice it. Suffice with the day to day, with routine sweats poorly paid and that tighten the need. In my experiences there are several types of magicians. For example, the octopus magician. That person who distributes the time, has three or more jobs to collect money in each one and at the end of the month his payment is to some extent, decent.

I also know the debtor magician. This is easy to recognize because it borrows money from some
friend with a better financial position and says “I’ll return it to you on collection day”. When the date arrives.
The debtor magician returns to the starting point with the wallet empty because his salary is committed to paying what he owes. The list of sorcerers is long.

Each emulates in its own way in our social fabric. I, sometimes, I am octopus magician and others, practice debit magic, but did not escape from the profession. The magic and the end of the month apparently have nothing in common. However, ask the Cuban on foot, doctor, engineer, state worker … about the phrase to arrive at the end of the month and you will see that without hesitation he will say: it is not easy, for that I have to do magic.